Monday, April 24, 2017

Major Dijit stamping plate

I like to were light pastel shades these days and I have so many in my stash that were used just once or twice. I just keep taking them out and using them again. But today's star is not the nail polish, it is a new stamping plate, at least for me it is new, called Major Dijit. This plate is from the site EnjoyOurs. The patterns are very versatile and pretty on this plate (Major Dijit-08) and very well carved in. I had no problem using it. It comes in a cardboard envelope and has a plastic back.  

After stamping the pretty flower pattern on my nails I added the diluted acrylic paint on it with a thin brush. I finished it with a glossy top coat. I hope you like my today's nail art as I do!

If you like the stamping plate you can find it HERE and several more ones from this series. Visit the EnjoyOurs site and use my bellow seen discount code for any of your purchase. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Color changing polish review

Hello ladies, how are you? I hope you have a lovely time and have a great Ester holiday! 

Those of you who read my blog from a longer time already know that I like to were pink on my nails. This is why today I am going to show you a UV soak-off nail polish (BP-04) that I have received from the Born Pretty Store for review. It is not the usual colored nail polish, it is a color changing one... even better, don't you think? Two colors in one. Perfect!

The consistency of this UV nail polish is a little bit thicker than the ones I own, this is why it is a little bit harder to apply on the nails. Two coats are needed to be completely opaque. In cold state the nails are dark pink and when hands are warm it turns to a light, gorgeous pink. I added an accent nail using a fun and colorful water decal.

Transition from cold to warm

If you like to were UV soak-off nail polishes you can find this pretty one HERE and 17 other color combinations at a very good price and if you purchase anything from the Born Pretty Store site you're welcome to us my bellow seen discount code. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Green sport wrist watch

Today I will have a mixed post, but it is not the first time so I hope you will like it. In my last package form the EnjoyOurs online store I received a wrist watch called Geneva. It attracted me because of its fresh green color (you know I can not resist green shades) and its sporty design. The watch strap is made of very soft and flexible silicone this is why the whole watch feels very lite. I wore it in a warm day to see if it will itch me or will be uncomfortable to were, but it was not. The only problem I observed that the battery after one day ran out. I wore this watch with a green white outfit and of course I had to make a matching manicure to it. 

I hope you liked my today's post and if you think you need a watch like this you can find it HERE in 7 different shades at a very reasonable price and even better, if you use my bellow seen discount code you will get 10% off of your purchase! So, just visit the EnjoyOurs online store and enjoy shopping :)

Monday, April 3, 2017

Enjoyours stamping plate

I continue with an another review today, but this time for a stamping plate that I received for review from the site EnjoyOurs. If this site is new for you just check it out because you will be surprised how many interesting nail art stuff you can find there and several other products too.

The HK-06 stamping plate is a little bit bigger that the usual rectangular ones I showed you until now, by size is quite similar with the plates by Moyra, but the size of the patterns are much smaller, not proper for very long nails. The plate does not have any back coverage and does not come in a cardboard envelope but it has the regular blue foil on it. 

As you can see in the picture the patterns on this plate are quite versatile. I made two manicures and in both of them had the same problem, the images did not transferred sharp enough on my nails. I made several tries with different kind of stamping heads and stamping polishes, but the same happened each time. You will notice in both manicures that the patterns are very pixeled, if I may say so, or better not neat enough. 

I am curious if one of you tried these plates or know about the site EnjoyOurs
If yes please tell me your experience with it! The one you saw in my post can be found HERE and several other patterned ones too. If you buy anything from the site, feel free to use my below seen discount code! 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Holographic pigment review

Hello ladies, long time no post, but unfortunately I had some health problems and I went through a surgery with a longer recovery. This is why I couldnt paint my nails, but I hope from now on everything will be all right and I can spend time enjoying my hobby. 

Some of you maybe saw that I already posted a picture on the Instagram with this amazing holographic pigment that I received from the Born Pretty Store for review.

The product came carefully packed in a little plastic recipient (1g) stored in a holographic zip locked bag together with a usual make-up sponge and  an elegant silicone tool, that helps to apply correctly the pigment on the nails. 

To use this holographic powder it is needed a UV lamp and a black soak-off or gel polish as a base. After painting the nails with the black base and without cleaning off the sticks surface you can apply the powder with the help of the silicone tool or the make-up sponge received in the package. I highly recommend the silicone tool, that has two different shaped had, because the application is much easier and you save a big amount of powder this way. 

After cleaning the access powder you can apply the top coat and you have a shinny and beautiful manicure!

I hope you like this product as much as I did and if you want to purchase it, just click HERE and go check out the Born Pretty Store site because you will find many wonderful nail art products. You're welcome to use my bellow seen discount code!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Stamping plate review

Hello ladies, how are you today? I hope yore all fine and well.

After my last post with a simple swatch I thought to make nail art, using a stamping plate (BP-L050) received for review from the Born Pretty Store. Those of you who like wave shapes or water-marble like patterns, this plate is for you.

I made two manicures with this fantastic plate and I can say I like them both a lot. As about the plate, it works perfectly, all images are well carved in and transfer well on the stamping head! I am super curious how you like my manicures and witch of the two is your favorite one.

If you don't own this plate and want to add it to your stash, you can find it HERE and you're welcome to use my bellow seen discount code. Visit the Born Pretty Store site for more nail art products!


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