Monday, March 2, 2015

Beauty Forum Cluj

Yesterday I participated as a visitor to the 3rd Professional Beauty Exhibition called Beauty Forum organized in my hometown Cluj-Napoca. There were many company's who presented different beauty services, techniques and new brands. I had the opportunity to watch professional shows presented by well known hair stylists, make-up artists and nail technicians. I made a lot of pictures, here are some of them.

Inga Moga nail artist at a presentation and bellow her amazing work!

Pop Academy hair cuts and new trends presentation.

Best hair braiding first place
Vintage 3D nail art second place
...and first place.
My friend with her husband are hairstylist and they had a fantastic show with the theme hats. I loved what they have created on the stage. It was a fantastic and unique show given by the Headmasters Studio. If you are in Cluj and need a fashionable hair cut or bun, or even a manicure or cosmetic treatments, the professional group form the Headmasters Studio are waiting for you!

And from such an event I've couldn't live without a few goodies. I've bought two polishes a few nail art products and I received from a dear friend as a gift a hand pillow and a few samples from the professional Farmec cosmetics.
Thank you for stopping by and have a great week begin!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Nail Team Challenge - 50 shades of green

Today we have our challenge day with a very interesting theme proposed by Andra Katerina. 50 shades of green...well, this time I wasn't very inspired and because of lack of time I choose to make a very simple nail design with different shades of green. 

I used for the base Avon - Turquoise pop which is a light green shade, very near to mint. I don't know why but it reminds me of macaroons.The second layer of polish is Golden Rose nr. 217, which it is applied as a half moon on the base. and the last layer of green polish is Bell - Air Flow- Lotus Effect. The idea was to create a gradient in layers. In natural light conditions the transition between the colors are more obvious than in the pictures, which were taken at a desk light. I added the dots to make this mani a little bit playful.

I have to mention this color is one of my favorite ones, so I am heading to the other girls blog to see all the beautiful manicures in green!
  1. Andra Kat -
  2. Iulia B. -
  3. Mădălina -
  4. Alina JustAnAngel -
  5. Iulia Maria -
  6. Ella -
  7. Alyce -
  8. Oana -
  9. Andreea M- 
  10. Madalina
  11. Andrea -
  12. Andra (Pink Bijoux) -
  13. Rita -

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Carnival time

Hello lovely ladies

Last weekend I was at a party in a restaurant together with my husband and friends. Each year in this period of time we say goodby to the winter and celebrate it with a carnival party! You can find my last years costume here

This year my husband came up with the idea and asked me to were an Indian outfit. For me it was easy because I had a beautiful hand made blouse, originally from India and I just had to DIY some jewelry's to it. But first, my manicure. As you can see the outfit is red, so I made an easy design with red and gold polish combination.

For the base I used Front Cover - Red Shoes and I topped it with Sephora - Purple Jewelry. The gold lines are painted with Tip Top Nails - Reggae to Riches and on the negative space I added some gold studs.

I love the flakes effect in the sun!

Here are some pictures from the outfits and party. My head piece is made from an old earring that I put on a gold chain and the nose ring is actually two earrings attached to another. All the other jewelry's are from my mother, she is a big collector!
Together with my dear friend Aliz. I painted her face!
With my amazing and lovely husband. He wore a commando outfit for a while.
My friend won the second price for the best outfit from all!
Here is a close up from my make-up. It was extremely hard to put the fake lashes on and were them. It was the first time for me!
With the group we set on the same table. They were super cool people. Charlie Chapline won the first prize and Dracula the third!

I hope you liked my post. Sorry about the quality of some pictures, they were taken with the phone!

Have a fantastic day and thank you for stopping by!


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