Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pastel shades

I am not tired of dark colors but for now and than I like to were pastel shades.

Polishes I used for my nail art: Barry M. - Mint Green, Barry M -Textured collection - Ridley Road and a yellow pastel shade called Technic - Pretty Pastels

Not much to say, I made two accent nails with the help of a nail vinyl that I have received as a gift from my dear friend Oana. For the base of the accent nails I used the lovely pure white from essence and after drying I added the nail vinyls and with the help of a sponge I made the green and the yellow pastel gradient on it. 

It is the first time I use such kind of nail vinyls and I definitely need more exercise on adding them straight on my nails, but I think these are great products that can help to achieve interesting looking nail art. 

Have you used nail vinyls?  What is your experience with them?

Friday, April 29, 2016

Fashion water decals

I use laity a lot of decals because I don't have much time to paint something complicated on my nails and I always like to have at least one accent nail. Today I am going to show you a very pretty and trendy water decal with elegant woman portraits. I received this from the Lady Queen site to try them and tell my opinion about it.

On the sheet you can find 19 woman portraits in different sizes, proper for any nail length. The application of the water decals was easy. I soak them in water first, after I cut the ones I liked the best out from the sheet, then applied and adjust them on my nails, remove the excess water, waited until it dried and added a thin layer of top coat.

I used the leather effect nail polish from Essence Good Girl Bad Girl collection. This one is called It Wasn’t Me. When I applied the first coat I noticed that it looks very similar to Essie’s Belugaria, so I think this one is a very good dupe! I applied two layers, it dried fast to a textured finish. The polish is black with a whole lot of purple and blue glitter chunks. I like this nail polish, even though I don't think that has something to do with a leather effect, much more a concrete one, don't you think? 

All in all I liked to were this manicure and thanks to these beautiful decals I received a lot of compliments for it! If you like these pretty water decals you can find them here, and if you purchase anything from the Lady Queen site just use my bellow seen discount code. 

Now, I am curious, what do you think about the decals and nail polish? Do you like to were woman portraits on your nails?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Green Shell Sheet review

Did you ever used shells on your nails? Well, I didn't and I was super curious how they feel and look. I received for review a beautiful green shell paper from the Lady Queen site and I decided to add them on a black base. The whole idea was to add it as a piece to cover my whole nail or at least a part of it, but this shell sheet is so hard and unbend-able that it cracked instantly when I wanted to apply it. The sheet is sticky and this way it supposed to be much easier to add it on the nails, but it is not. After the shell cracked the only idea came to my mind to shred them to small pieces and add them on the nails. Because of the sticky part this was a big struggle. I am not satisfied with the result I've obtained at all.

As you can see in the pictures I needed a whole lot of top coat to cover the shells and in my opinion they don't look elegant at all. The only thing I like in this product is the beautiful color and pattern. I tried to apply the shells under a gel layer but nothing impressive came out. I think these shells are very hard, if they would be thinner and bendable would work perfectly!

If you would like to try them out yourself, maybe you come up with better ideas to use them, you can find it here in different colors. Just use my bellow seen discount code for any of your purchase from the Lady Queen site. 


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