Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Galaxy nails

Some of you already now that recently I received a galaxy phone case that I won from Born Pretty Store in collaboration with Marine Loves Polish blog. Of course I had to make a matching manicure for it.

I used for the base OPI - Russian Navy and with the help of tiny bits of sponges I made the galaxy effect with a sky blue shade from Golden Rose - 212 and Violet fabuleaux by Marionnaud. I added a little bit of glitter from Moyra. The white splatter is made with acrylic paint and the easiest way to achieve the star effect is using a toothbrush and splatter the nails from the distance. Than I added the bigger stars with a thin brush. 

You may already know Russian Navy by OPI, it is a classic shade, a rich dark navy blue with tons of purple shimmers, it looks close to black on the nails, so it was the best choice for the base for this nail art. The magenta shimmer is more visible in the bottle than on the nails but it gives this color a bit of depth that makes it wonderful. I applied it in one coat.

The nail art looks a little bit striped because I made it late at night and got to bed before it dried completely :(

I was curious how it looks matte, but the difference is not to big in my opinion, the only thing that looks much better this way is the glitter.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you like my galaxy nails!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter V

It is weekend and that means it is alphabet nail art challenge time. I was in the mood for striking colors, I am not ready to put the summer shades away, this is why I choose to make the theme VIVID colors.

From about two year ago I saw a gorgeous manicure made by Maria's Nail Polish Blog and I wanted to recreate it. She became my inspiration and this is my interpretation for her color-blocking nails.

I used for the base Rimmel - White Hot Love, from the Rita Ora collection and I made the color stripes with Monroe's Red by Orly, Nails Inc. - Orange Candy and Beauty UK - Yellow Peril no. 36.. To separate the color stripes I used a thin brush and draw black lines with acrylic paint. I finished my work with Golden Rose Gel Look top coat.

Let's see what the other girls made for this letter:
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Nailed It Tag

I've got this cute tag from Andreea - Ditta's Nail Design & Art and thought to answer the fun questions. This way at least I checked my untried polishes and I made a little bit of order trough them!

OK, well then, let's start the fun:

1. Which color family of nail polish do you own the most of?
When I first saw this question I couldn't answer it. I know that my favorite polish color is green, but I didn't known if I own them the most. So, I had to look up, and the answer is: purple. I own different shades of purples the most!

2. Name your most favorite memory you associate with a specific polish?
Through the years of my polish addiction maddens I never was interested of polish brands, I always bought polishes because of their colors or effects, but someday I saw the holographic Jade polishes and I fell in love with them instantly and I wanted them very badly. When I saw that the brand is made in Brazil, I knew that I will never have the possibility to try them. Last year, one of my IG friends Adriana - Show Your Hands, made me a big surprise by sending me a couple of this polishes. When I saw them in the box, I was jumping around like a little child. This is my favorite memory related to a polish, and thank you dear Adriana that you made it possible to have these beautiful polishes. By the way, go check her IG account, she has amazing nails!

3. What's your best-kept secret for chip-free polish? 
I don't have a secret, I use two top coats frequently: Gel Look Top Coat from Farmec and Golden Rose. I have to mention that I never have chipped nails, because I change my manicures very often!

4. Which brand do you own the most colors and why is that formula your favorite?  
Through the years I gathered a lot of brands and I never looked up from which one I have the most, but I think it is Golden Rose. I know this polish brand from my childhood!

5. Name the polish you like the least in your collection and why you still hold onto it.  
I usually throw away the polishes I don't like, but I have one that I kept, it is Coral Milano a cream based glitter polish. After application the glitter particles are not smooth on the nail surface even after a generous amount of top coat, they caught in the hair and clothes.

6. Name your holy grail of polish remover?  
Oil Nail Polish Remover from Kallos. It removes the polish in one or two more wipes but I don't care, because the nails are moisturized because of the oil and the most amazing thing of this product is that it got no intense smell like other ones. You can breath without inhaling a terrible and tang smell.

7. If you use glitter or nail effects, which is your favorite brand and why?
I like Moyra effect polishes very much and glitter ones from different kind of brands. I love the formula of Moyra polishes and the effect of them is always very pretty!

8. Do you match your toes to your nails when you re-polish?
No, I don't. I hate my toe nails and I can count on one hand how many times I painted them :)

9. Name the specific polishes you've repurchased more than twice to show us your holy grail colors.  
Black polish from Maybelline and the top coat from Golden Rose.  

10. Do you paint accent nails or only use one color?
I think all of you know the answer to this question. My nails feel kind of naked painted just with one color, I always make accent nails or nail art on them. When I test polishes or I don't have much time for nail art, then yes, I use just one polish and nothing more. It can happened!

11. Can you name the oldest polish in your collection?  
It is hard because I trowed them away and I think my oldest one now in my collection is one I purchased from about 3 or 4 years from Gabrini or Natty. But I really don't know which one it is.  

This is it, I hope I didn't bored you with my answers. Now I have to tag 5 of you: Kinga - Polish Blue My Mind, Agota - Nail Glaze,  Elisa - Little Beauty Bag, Fife Fantasi Nails, Hema - Rainbow Nails and any of you ho like to make this tag! 

I realized that on the 14 September my blog turned 3 years old:) I am going to have a surprise next month related to this! 
I want to thank all of you, my readers, that you always make the time to comment and share this passion with me! Without your support my blog wouldn't be here! I love you all!


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter U

This week was very chaotic, my daughter started school, each day I woke up at 6 o'clock when it was to dark to take pictures of my nails and I arrived home when it got dark again. I definitely need a light box! 

This nail art was made three days ago and just yesterday I was able take the pictures from them. I have to mention that it is an unfinished design, because I wanted to paint fishes on it, but my time was very limited. After painting them on my left hand, the pointer finger nail corner broke down, (sorry about the crippled look), and on my right hand one of my nails broke down very bad, so I am going to file them down because I hate different sized nails. I could continue with my problems, but I wont annoy you with them. 

We are at letter U, and my theme for today is underwater. I used for the base American Apparel - The Valley, a beautiful pale blue shade and with the help of a sponge I made a gradient adding It's up to Blue by Orly, which  is a light metallic turquoise/ blue shade and for the tips, Revlon - Top Speed - Camel, a gold caramel like polish. For an intense shine I added from the Essence Nail Polish - Seasons of Extremes the shiny top coat. I panted with white acrylic two star fishes, but I think they look like flowers :)

I am very sorry that I could not give more attention for this theme, in my imagination everything looked different. This is the result of a hasty work, and I consider it a total fail. 

Let's go to the other girls, I am sure they made something pretty and interesting for this letter.
  1. Mădălina - http://misshappyandhernails.blogspot.ro
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  3. Ella - http://beauty-corner-for-women.blogspot.ro
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  6. Andrea - http://andicolouryourlife.blogspot.ro/
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  8. Oana - http://wanna-nails.blogspot.com/
  9. Teo - http://taitzel-make-up.blogspot.ro

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pineapple smoothie

Fall is here, we need a lot of vitamins for a healthy life. So, it is smoothie time - full with vitamin C for a day full with energy.

You have to know about pineapple that raw it is an excellent source of manganese and vitamin C and it helps the digestion and all in all it is a good antiseptic fruit. When I made the chemo therapy to avoid to have blisters in my mouth I eat a lot of pineapple and it really helped! If you are on a diet, pineapple is a perfect food for you, because it is low in calories.

Ingredients for the smoothie: 
one small pineapple sliced, 1 pear, 1 apple, 1 banana and the zest of an orange.

If you have a powerful blender you can mix all the fruits together and if not I recommend you to mix first the pineapple together with the pear, banana and zest of the orange and finally you can add the pealed and chopped apples too.

Have you tried something similar? 
Do you have any recommendations or other smoothie recipes that I could try?

Thank you for stopping by!
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