Thursday, April 12, 2018

Butterfly manicure

You already know that my favorite color is green and I relay had mood for it so I used a P2 Volume Gloss nail polish - 510 scheme architect. I am talking about a mint green shade which dries quite quickly and gets opaque in two coats. The polish has a wide brush which makes the application easy but, I have to mention I found the polish a little bit runny. I combined the polish with an older one from my stash, which I have never used it until now called Dot's FAN #545, which I completely love. Again it is a green nail polish full with round black and white glitter particles. On my ring-fingernail I painted freehand a butterfly with acrylic paint combined with the above mentioned nail polishes.

I like how the combination and design turned out even if I have a lot to work on my freehand painting skills. Please avoid looking at my dry cuticles and hands, the weather change is harmful for my hands and nails even if I use hydrating cream or not. My nails are much shorter too because they became sensitive. 

Thanks for stopping by and tell me your opinion about this spring manicure!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Total Temptation

Ohhh yes, I will talk about temptations about Maybellines Total Temptation mascara. You don't know it yet? Well, here are a few things that I have noticed since I use this product in my daily make-up routine. 

Firstly, I love the matte pink tube in which the mascara comes because it feels great in the hands and it does not slip away. The brush is thick and fluffy to touch each lash even the short ones in the inner corner. The formula of the product is very pigmented in black and what I noticed that it is quite creamy and rich, maybe because of the coconut extract with what it is enriched. Because of this the product has a tropical, subtle scent which I quite like at application. As you can see in the photo my lashes have a lovely thickness and volume. This mascara needs no several application during the day, it can be applied just with a few swipes and the formula adds and instant lift and density to the lashes. 

Those of you who like to have waterproof mascaras, sorry this is not one of them but I can assure you this one is resistant and does not come off so easily from the lashes. 

This is a mascara that is perfect for a natural look. Did you tried it? 

Besides the mascara Maybelline Romania sent me in the cute pink box a designer t-shirt too, with the inscription TEMPTATION by Laura Lazar. Thank you, I like it a lot!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Stamping plate review

I received last year a stamping plate BP-L078 from the Born Pretty Store which patterns are so versatile and pretty that I already used it several time but I didn't had the time for a detailed review. But time has come and here it is with two manicures.

As you can see in the pictures the plate is the usual rectangular one with the plastic back and rounded edges and of course the cardboard sleeve. This one contains 17 patterns that can be used and mixed in different color combinations suiting your needs and imagination. The patterns are big enough even for longer nails. The images are well carved in I had no problem with the transfer. I just need a good silicone stamper head because my bellowed marshmallow one starts to break down when I need it the most :( 

In the first manicure I used a lovely green as a base for my leaf stamping image from China Glaze - Starboard. I pared it with a glittery gold polish. The leaf pattern is double stamped with white and a foil gold polish. 

In my second manicure I used blue, it is not my absolute favorite color but now I than I have the mood to use it. I totally curious which mani do you like better.

If you like the stamping plate like I do HERE is the link to the product and you're
 welcome to use my Born Pretty Store 10% off discount code from bellow.


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