Friday, July 31, 2015

Double stamping

I wanted to try this technique from such a long time and I really don't know why I avoid it to make a mani with it. When Miriam - Nailtalk, encouraged me to do it, I took out all my stamping plates and seeked for a pattern that I thought it would look well stamped on each other. I used for the base a neon green polish from Letica Well, this is a Portuguese nail brand. I stamped on it with a white and then with a black polish a wave like pattern from the plate BPL-005 from the Born Pretty Store.

The stamping did not came out as clear and crisp as I wished but the weather was so hot when I've done this mani, that the polish dried instantly.

I hope you like this vibrant manicure. I am sure I am going to make other designs too with this technique, because I like the effect very much!

When you're reading this post I am already in vacation, so for a week I wont post anything and after that I hope I will come back with a lot of energy and new creative ideas. Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fashion nails with Born Pretty Store decals

Today I have a wonderful water decal from the Born Pretty Store that can turn any plain color to look like a super fashionable manicure. The sheet I received contains different sized water decals with feminine, Audrey Hepburn figures in wonderful artistic tutus. When I saw them I knew that I am going to make a glamorous looking manicure. 

On three of my nails I used a white base and on the other two nails I painted two coats of gold and silver glitter polish from Golden Rose - Jolly Jewels 122. After drying I added on the white base the cut out decals and finished it with a glossy top coat. Easy mani in no time!

I love these decals, even if the spelling is incorrect on the sheets but regardless of that they are easy to use and adding them on the nails you can achieve a glamorous looking mani. If you like these decals you can find them here and if you make any kind of purchase from the Born Pretty Store, you're welcome to use my bellow seen discount code!

The decals are on sale now. Don't miss them! 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Colorful french

Because of the hot weather I am in the mood to were colorful clothing and nail art. My today's mani is a colorful french with a subtle holo print on it. 

For the base I used two coats from my new 6 in 1 essence - nail candies, which is a light nude shade, perfect for a french base. This polish promises to  strengthen the nails, protect them, fill the ridges, to dry fast and live a glossy finish with a fruity smell. I can not tell you about the strengthening quality, because my nails are already strong, but I can tell you that it it applies super easy, dries fast and lives a sweet candy like smell. 

I took out randomly from my stash a few colorful polishes and applied on each of my nail an another tip color. I won't list now each polish, if you have questions about them, just ask me in the comment box. 

I applied after drying a subtle silver holo stamping pattern. Maybe I should have live it without, because the pattern is not visible! 

All in all it is fun to were such a colorful manicure! 

Have a great day and week. Thank you for stopping by!


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