Friday, October 31, 2014

Autumn and Winter Holidays Challenge - Halloween

Yey, I will start an another challenge and I do hope that you will like this one too. Oana, a dear fellow blogger thought that it would be to dull without a group collaboration. She was right, we need these kind of challenges. I myself come out of my comfort zone and try different kind of designs that is not my style and I would never wear it. This is one of it, I hate skulls and I rejected the idea to put such kind of nail art on my nails, and now look at me...I have skulls on my nails for this Halloween challenge, and I really like it.

I received these stickers from the Born Pretty Store and I found them quite creepy, I never thought that I would wear them. But than, an idea came to my mind to make a skull and rose combination on my nails. I really do hope that you will like the outcome of it.

I used for the base a polish called BYS- Scented Bright Orange, I received from the lovely Kinga. It supposed to be orange scented, but I didn't smell anything, although I absolutely love this fiery orange with the fantastic golden shimmer. On two of my nails I painted with acrylic colors the roses, they came out very subtle and added the skull decals. On the other nails I made a black, orange gradient.

How do you like it?

Even if we don't celebrate Halloween in our country, we sculpted a pumpkin for decoration. This year it really came out great, don't you think?

On the bellow seen picture you can see the other themes for this great challenge. I am very anxious about this one, some of the themes will push me to my limits :)

 If you like the decals you can visit the Born Pretty Store and use my 
10% OFF discount code from bellow!

Let's see the nails of the other girls from the group. Enjoy!
  1. Oana -
  2. Mădălina -
  3. Crina
  4. Claudia
  5. Mada -
  6. Ella -
  7. Gabriela -
  8. Andra -
  9. Mihaela -
  10. Andra (Sophie) -
  11. Anca -
  12. Iulia -
  13. Ana Maria
  14. TEO
  15. Deyutza -
  16. Andrea -
  17. Rita -  
  18. Andreea-
  19. Madalina
  20. Alina -
  21. Deyutza -
  22. Kinga

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Guest nails

Hello lovely ladies, how was your weekend?

Today I am going to show you the nails of my sister in law, she was at a professional manicurist and made some almond pink gel nails and she wanted something simple and special on it. It is the first time that I painted on gel nails and I have to tell you it was a lot of fun. I added the blue polish from Catrice - C04 Entering Atlantis and some elegant rhinestones. I really loved the final result. What do you think about it?

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter Z

We  arrived to the end of the alphabet challenge. I really wanted to make for each letter something special, but my time management is very poor and that is why I missed some letters, but I really do hope that you enjoyed what I've created until now. For me it was fun and I will miss my Sunday posts, but, I hope that the group will come up with some new ideas soon. For letter Z, I choose to make a ZEBRA pattern.I used two polishes, one that is quite old, I bought it in Hungary from about 2 years ago, it is called Lovely Color Mania (166) which is a bright pink with light blue reflections and the other polish is Cream Puff - Tip Top Nails. The zebra pattern is painted with black acrylic color.

Let's see what the other girls made with this letter:
  1. Mădălina -
  2. Iulia -
  3. Andra -
  4. Mihaela -
  5. Ella -
  6. Oana-
  7. Madalina -
  8. Kinga -
  9. Andrea -
  10. Deyutza -
  11. Andra (Sophie) -
  12. Rita -
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mosaic accent nail

Hello dear readers.

As you can see I didn't get bored to use pink polishes. I have a few in my collection that are new or they are old and after one manicure I put them away and never used them again, so I am really glad that this month I could bring out from my stash these beauties. This time I put to work four of my pink polishes: Cien - Sugar Rose, SinfulColors - Forget Now, Golden Rose Paris Magic 344 and Yves Rocher Rose Pastel - R20.

The accent nail is what draws the attention in this mani. First I painted the mosaic nail art with a black acrylic paint and after it I added different kind of pink polishes in it. I finished my work with a Rimmel top coat.

I enjoyed to have this beautiful candy like color on my nails by Cien, it is truly a beautiful pink shade. This is my absolute favorite one from this brand.

I am going to finish my post with some pictures I made in the weekend at a pet zoo near to my town called Moara de Vant (Windmill). We spent a few hours in this amazing place that brings me calm and relaxation!Maybe the last sunny day from this month!

The trees have amazing colors!

Even the deer loved my nails :))

But the raccoon was a little bit confused about it :))

I hope you enjoyed this mixed post and pictures. Have a fantastic day and thank you for stopping by!

Nu uitati de concurs! Detalii aici.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter Y

I've missed some letters because the lack of time, but here we are at ugly letter Y and my inspiration was equal to zero for this one, until I made a color swirl manicure, like I saw by Sveta Senders. Of course I used just pink polishes, this time too and after I finished the mani, my daughter told me that it looks like a mix of strawberry yogurt, so this is my YOGURT nail art :))

I used three polishes: Astor Satin Angel for the base and Gabrini 389, Golden Rose matte 01 for the mixture.

I am super curious what the other girls made for this letter.
  1. Mădălina -
  2. Oana -
  3. Mihaela -
  4. Madalina -
  5. Deyutza -
  6. Ella -
  7. Kinga -
  8. Andra -
  9. Andra (Sophie) -
  10. Andrea -
  11. Teo -
  12. Rita -
  13. Andreea -
Have a fantastic weekend!
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