Friday, April 18, 2014

My Easter nails

Because of lack of time I made  a very simple Easter design. It is bright and joyful in my opinion.

I used four polishes:
American Apparel - The Valley: beautiful pale blue and opaque nail color on which I applied one white bow water decal.

Missguided - MISSBEHAVE: cotton candy pink. Pretty and girly, this cute candy shade will add a feminine touch to any outfit!

The nail polish comes in a cute black and gold box (which I trowed away before I took the pictures) and in a great square-shaped bottle.

I applied three coats which I have to say dried really fast. I also found the polish really easy to apply and it doesn't streak. The results a beautiful high-shine finish. Missguided's nail polish range is Formaldehyde and Toluene free which is kinder on the nail. The formulation is apparently anti-yellowing, meaning it doesn't stain your nails and it's durable.

Flormar 392: a silver glittery holo polish for the dots and bow.

Sally Hansen - Lavander Cloud: for the white dots.

I hope you enjoyed my manicure and my new nail shape. I had to change it from square to oval because they broke quite often at the edges. I hope they will get healthier and harder with the time. 

How do you like this nail shape? How about my design?

I wish you all a peaceful and happy Easter!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

T.P.A Group Challenge: 30. Match your outfit

Hello ladies

Sorry for being late with this mani (the challenge time was yesterday), I have some time management issues and one of my nails broke, had to file them off. But here is my mani for this theme, I have chosen a dress from Pinterest (I found no link to it) and tried to match my nails to it. I hope you like it.

The products I used.

La multi ani tuturor care au nume de floare!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Retro nails with MoYou London

As I promised in my last post I will show you a fantastic place called Dragons Garden. But first my mani.

I used for this design: GOSH - 550 Purple Heart, which is a duo-chrome polish. When you look at the polish directly, you see purple, but on the edges, it's a very dark grey-green. It doesn't look anywhere near as impressive as it does in the bottle though. The duo-chrome shows up best in lower lighting. I combined it with the metallic silver toned polish from Nails Inc. Soho Silver and I stamped it with my beloved MoYou London, Time Traveller Plate - Back to the 70's.

And now about the Dragons Garden, it is a Natural Reserve located in Gâlgău Almaşului (Sălaj County Transylvania). It is a protected reserve that covers almost three hectares, a unique place that impresses by the shape of the complex rock founded here. These rocks are the result of a wide destructive sliding and erosion process of the sandstones and they gather in odd forms. All these strange rock formations are having names like: Captain and Soldiers, The Dragon and the Dragon Lady and so on. It is a very interesting place, if you visit it take a good hiking shoe with you!

I live you with my retro nails! And if you liked the stamping pattern just look up for the plate at MoYouLondon. I am sure you will find something special!


Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring nails and a wonderful road trip

Today's post will be a little bit different because I will include some information's and pictures from a wonderful Botanical Garden that I visited with my family at the weekend. So I warn you this post is picture heavy!

But first I will show you my manicure that I've created with these wonderful flower blossom water decals combined with a dark and mysterious color by Leighton Denny - No Comment. This polish has a deep plum undertone, superb depth and electrifying shimmer. It is an autumn, winter color but combined with these decals I found it glamorous and elegant and appropriate for spring too!

The Jibou Botanical Garden Vasile Fati is located in Salaj county Transylvania, 1 hour distance from my city, Cluj-Napoca. It has a surface of 25 acres and has been arranged round the Wesselényi Castle, that was build in 1779 by count Wessélenyi Miklós. Unfortunately the castle it is unused and can not be visited, but the place and the garden it is magical. This castle is the biggest baroque structure in Romania.

In 1970 the place, it became an independent facility as an education and research area for biologists and an area for the public.

The garden has greenhouses, an aquarium, a zoological park and a beautiful Japanese garden. The greenhouses have a lot of tropical and subtropical plants, all sort of orchids and cactus's too. The dome called 'AQUARIUM' accommodates all sort of fish species in 23 small and big aquariums. This beautiful place has also a zoological park with deers, does, boars and an aviary.

In the way home we stooped at a natural reserve called Dragons Garden, but the pictures from there I will show you in my next post. I will leave you with my mani and thank you for stopping by!

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