Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Guest nails

Does who are following my blog from a longer time know that sometimes I make the nails for my friends and post them. Today I will show you the manicure I made for my sister-in-law, she wished green nails so I made her a green gradient with Gabrini 53 and 54 polishes.

And here are the nails of my colleague, she wished waterfall nails and I combined different kind of blue shades and added a hint of pink and a little bit of glitter to it. She made the photos and I thank her for that! 

The Gabrini polish is nr. 12 and the glitter polish from NYC - 105 Lights-Camera-Glitter.

By the way, she is a blogger too, she writes about gardening and stuff related to this. I always look up for her quick and tasty recipes and I love when she writes about her trips to different kind of places! If you are interested you can look up for her blog here.

I wish you all a fantastic and sunny day!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter L

Time flies and we are already at letter L. I enjoy this group challenge so much that even if I don't have much time for manicures I make my best to post and create something for each Saturday. This time I had in mind two themes, louboutin nails and leopard print nails. I choose to make the last one, because I had for inspiration my new leggings and of course I had to make matching nails for it!

I used for this nail art: Sally Hansen - Lavender Cloud, Golden Rose nr. 68, Beauty UK - Yellow Peril no. 36.

I am very curious what kind of themes the other girls from the group used for this letter:
  1. Mădălina - http://misshappyandhernails.blogspot.ro/
  2. Oana - http://unghiutele.blogspot.ro/
  3. Andra Kat- http://andrakat.wordpress.com
  4. Andreea - www.dittanail.blogspot.ro
  5. Rita - http://addictedofbutterflies.wordpress.com/
  6. Ella - http://beauty-corner-for-women.blogspot.ro
  7. Madalina - <a>http://frumusetelapretmic.blogspot.ro
  8. Romina - http://sparkleandlove.wordpress.com
  9. Deyutza - http://deyutza87.blogspot.ro/
  10. Teo - http://taitzel-make-up.blogspot.ro
  11. Oana - http://wanna-nails.blogspot.com
  12. Andra (Sophie) - http://sophiesnailartdreamland.blogspot.ro
  13. Ana's Beauty Blog - http://ana-s-beautyblog.blogspot.ro/
I wish you all a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mix and match

Hello lovely ladies,

How did your week started? I didn't had a good start but at least my nails look good :)) I was in the mood of a flower mani and this came out. Hope you like it, in my opinion it has a vintage touch.

I've bought this purple polish from quite a while ago in a small store in my town and I was curious about it because I never heard about this brand - Vaiana. The truth is I didn't found anything on the internet about this Brand, I know that they are made in France and they are sold in small discount stores and tabbaco shops. I applied it in two coats, it dried very fast but the smell of it was horrible. I like the deep purple shade of this polish and it has a plus because it has a glossy finish.

S-he 323 - this is a polish that I instantly fell in love with. I am sure it happens to you too!? :)) This polish is from the fall collection it is a pale-brown, purple color with golden flakes in it. Two layers are enough for a perfect coverage. The brush is very nice to work with but the drying time takes  a little bit longer, but it worth waiting because the final result is a stunning and classy neutral color!

Of course I had to add in this mix and match design a textured polish, I choose Strict from the P2 sand style polishes witch is my absolute favorite from this collection. The silver-gray polish has a very classy finish and sparkle due to the larger glitter particles in it!

I hope you enjoyed this mani as I did and I will tell you a secret, I made my toe nails too in this style, but I didn't made any pictures of it because you know, I hate my feet :( 

Oh, and I want to share with you what I bought at the weekend. No, no polishes, this month until know I didn't bought even one, I am trying to restrain myself! But Sunday I was at a blog sale where the town fashion-bloggers sold some of their clothes and jewellery's. Of course I came home with two beautiful earnings and an animal print leggings. How do you like them?

I wish you all wonderful summer days and thank you for stopping by!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter K

Today trough my nails I will send you a KISS :) This is my theme for letter K. It is not much to tell about this design, I used two bright colored polishes and a white one for the base of my nail art. The lips are hand painted, they don't look perfect, but some of them came out quite good, no? I enjoyed to have these colors on my nails!

The orange polish is Missguided - Misstaken. I've gone for a beautiful bright nail color because it is summer and this gorgeous orange polish was waiting to be tried! The formula is very pigmented and so I needed just two coats for full opacity. Application was smooth and it dried quickly and left a high shine finish!

The green polish is from Gabrini. This is one of my favorite green shades from my collection, it has a cream finish and a wonderful shine. The problem is the smell of it, which is very intense and tang.

I am sure all of you know about the Rimmel Rita Ora collection polishes, I used White Hot Love for the base of my nail art. This white polish hides a lot of beautiful shimmer and gives a slight pearl effect to the polish. I applied it in two coats.

And to add to this post a weekend feeling I live you with a song that did not came out of my mind from the moment I made these nails and of course the list of the other participants to this challenge!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wonderful products from Flormar and a giveaway

Today is review day for a few new products I received from the brand Flormar. I wont write many details about this brand, because I think all of you know it very well. Flormar produces hundreds of different products to every pleasure and need of its customer’s. The company was born in the city of Milan, Italy and carried all its production to Turkey in 1972. I received the below seen products from the Romanian representation, but these product's can be found on the International Market.

First I will start with two gorgeous polishes that are perfect for the summer: GS01 Whitewas from the satin matte collection and JL01 Pure Milk from the Jelly Look Collection.

Whitewash is a gorgeous white shimmer packed polish with iridescent shimmer particles that shines fabulous at the sun. The polish applies shiny but dries to a matte finish. I used two coats which increased the drying time quite a bit, compared with other satin matte polishes. The formula is a bit runny I had my difficulty's to apply it. Despite of that I really like this elegant and quite glamorous shade.

Pure Milk is a perfect name for this white polish, because it really looks pure and clean on the nails. This polish is from the Jelly Look collection, but in my opinion this effect is not so visible. For me this is a simple and beautiful white polish with a fantastic shine. Maybe at other colors the jelly effect is more visible, I have to try other ones too! I applied it in two coats and this time too, it dried a little bit longer than usual. This polish is a perfect solution if you want to keep your nails simple and clean! But if you want to have a colorful mani, you can use it on the base and make a nail art on it exactly like I did.

And now comes the fun part for me. :)) First of all I have to mention that this is my first time that I review cosmetics other than polishes. So, if I am not very meticulous, I am very sorry about it, but I really try my best!

Mat Touch Foundation is a product rich in vitamin E and it is made from camomile extract. I applied it in a very thin coat on my face creating a smooth, velvet texture. This foundation blends with the skin perfectly and gives a matte effect. It contains natural active ingredients like vitamin E and panthenol that keeps the skin healthy and hydrated. This product is recommended for mixed or oily skin.

All in all this is a great foundation, it covers the flaws of the skin medium way and I particularly like the matte effect of it. My face did not feel greasy after application but I had the same problem like with all other foundations, it stained my white shirt. I think this happens to all of you, or not?

L420 Long Wearing Lip Gloss is a striking pink shade, that is not quite my style, but I like that it didn't felt heavy and greasy on the lips. 

And last but not least I received a perfume sample, called HOT. This perfume starts with a fruit mixture of orange, coconut, and melon and ends with a deep vanilla and musk mixture that adds warmth to this perfume.

I thank you that you had the patience to read all that I wrote and please do tell me if you liked this kind of mixed post! Now, for my Romanian readers Flormar and I have a giveaway. Sorry for my international followers, but I promise you that soon I will have a giveaway for you too!

Pentru ca ati avut rabdare si ati citi toate detaliile despre aceste produse superbe, ca si multumire Flormar si Colour Your Life avem un concurs pentru voi. Puteti castiga:
Fond de ten cu SPF 20, tus Dipliner, Lip gloss SuperShine 111, oja matte M07 si un esantion de fond de ten Soft touch.

Tot ce trebuie sa faceti este sa:

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2. Share public acestui concurs (gasiti link aici)
3. Raspundeti la intrebarea: 
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Atentie, toate cerintele de mai sus sunt obligatorii si as aprecia daca raspunsurile voastre nu se vor rezuma la doar doua cuvinte! 

Toti cei care ma urmaresc de mai multa vreme si au comentat la postarile mele mai des vor primii o sansa in plus!

In concluze, raspunsul vostru trebuie sa contina:
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Perioada de desfasurare a concursului este 10 iulie - 15 august 2014, iar extragerea va fii facuta cu random.org.

Astept cu mare curiozitate inscrierile voastre. 

Va urez mult bafta!

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