Monday, April 17, 2017

Color changing polish review

Hello ladies, how are you? I hope you have a lovely time and have a great Ester holiday! 

Those of you who read my blog from a longer time already know that I like to were pink on my nails. This is why today I am going to show you a UV soak-off nail polish (BP-04) that I have received from the Born Pretty Store for review. It is not the usual colored nail polish, it is a color changing one... even better, don't you think? Two colors in one. Perfect!

The consistency of this UV nail polish is a little bit thicker than the ones I own, this is why it is a little bit harder to apply on the nails. Two coats are needed to be completely opaque. In cold state the nails are dark pink and when hands are warm it turns to a light, gorgeous pink. I added an accent nail using a fun and colorful water decal.

Transition from cold to warm

If you like to were UV soak-off nail polishes you can find this pretty one HERE and 17 other color combinations at a very good price and if you purchase anything from the Born Pretty Store site you're welcome to us my bellow seen discount code. 

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