Friday, March 25, 2016

Coffee is served!

I am sure you are curious what is with this title on a nail art blog!? Well, I had the opportunity to try some fun coffee patterned water decals (QJ-165) that I received recently for review from the Lady Queen website

I don't know about you, but I thought it is fun and interesting to dedicate a manicure for this potion called coffee. I used for my nail art three nail polishes, maybe not the best combination made by me, but here they are; the dark brow silver shimmery one called Sweet Georgia Brown - Rocky Road (it stained terribly my nails, I never going to use it again) and as an accent the Barry M - Gold Glitter

The water decals come on a white sheet, about 62 x 52 mm. If you have longer nails, this won't be enough to add on each of them, but you can use it as an accent as I did. They are easy to apply, they must be cut on proper sizes and after that you can put them in water and add them on your nails. I have to mention that they are translucent, so it is better to use a base shade, in my case they are put on one layer of Avon Color Trend - Rare.

It was fun to use these water decals, I find them very interesting on the nails. If you like them, you can find them here and you can use my bellow seen discount code for any of your purchase from the Lady Queen website.

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