Thursday, September 11, 2014

Born Pretty Store 3D nail sticker test

From a while ago a received some Embossed Texture Metal Style 3D Nail Art Stickers (silver) from the Born Pretty Store, and when I saw them for me it was clear that I am going to combine it with a blue polish.

The stickers are very easy to use, you can apply them with a help of a tweezer on a polish of your choice and if they are to big, you can cut them on a proper size. I didn't used top coat on it, because I tried it on just one of my nails and the clear polish took off the silver shade of the sticker over the base polish. But after a few hours I realized that it is better to use a top coat, because these stickers caught in everything and after a while it can be annoying. So, I do suggest using clear topcoat on the stickers, because this way they will stay on your nails much longer!

For my manicure I used for the base a polish, I bought in my summer vacation, it is from the new limited edition Le Grand Bleu collection by Catrice. The polish is called C04 Entering Atlantis, it is a great indigo blue with subtle pink shimmer, that are not so visible after application. The polish formula is very easy to work with and it gets opaque just after one coat. 

I think this amazing indigo blue - as the shallows of a deep ocean, go very well together with the silver stickers. The design of them are really classy and the effect is outstanding. If you don't like silver you can choose the golden ones and you will find 3 other patterns too on the Born Pretty Store site. 

All in all the stickers are great if you want to have a quick and professional looking manicure. I hope you liked my nail art and if you want to purchase these stickers, you can look up for them here and you can use my discount code from bellow, for a 10% off of your purchase!  


  1. It would be interesting to see how long they last with top coat...
    They are quite pretty!

  2. i have the same only gold :)- you created lovely design! :)

  3. The sticker look beautiful and I like how you've combined them with blue base and glitter.

  4. i love it ! i have some gold pattern too, but i have never tried them! it is nice to see on your nails !

  5. Foarte frumoasa decoratiunile, dar stiu ca la cele 3D e mai greu sa le pastrezi pe unghii ca tot se agata :D

  6. Arata tare pretios, cu un aer vintage, regal, eu si la manichiura caviar am aplicat topcoat pentru a rezista mai bine.

  7. cat de mult imi plac! sunt superbe <3

  8. Very pretty. Should get them from the store.

  9. Beautiful manicure! It´s a shame that the top coat takes off the silver shade but, however, you need to use it...
    The base colour is really cool :-)

  10. Foarte frumoase unghiutele!Stickerele sunt minunate!

  11. The nails look very pretty, good tip, I'll try it !!

  12. LOVE these! I always loved these stickers (I've seen them used by other people before). They go perfectly with your base colour

  13. Wwwwooooowwwww ce elegante sunt <3,superb arata.Pup

  14. I love love love this manicure Andrea!
    This colour suits so well and the stickers look great with that blue.
    I'm dying to put my hands on that collection, but they didn't arrive here yet.
    Sorry for the lack of visits sweetie, but the challenge is very time-consuming... LOL
    Have a great evening! :-D

  15. Aww Gee! That looks so cool!!! Thx for your lovely comment....yeah men ;) they just don't understand us girls huh ;)
    kisses honey

  16. love the nail design
    so eyecatchy and classy
    wow <3

    Hope you may visit my blog,too
    Your Amely Rose from:

  17. Oh I realy really love it! They seem to have a little bit of a 3D effect to them, don't they?
    So far I've also experience that top coat is never wrong no matter how good the stickers are xD They just make it so much more long-lasting, plus I feel more comfortable when I know that I have top coat on lol Does that even make sense haha


    love the shape and colours!!! you are brilliant!!!
    love love love it!

    keep in touch
    have a nice day!

  19. happy weekend sweety!

    <3, Kathrin

  20. Looks really nice!!


  21. Awwww, I was curious about these 3D stickers and now that I've seen them I wanna give them a go.
    Your manicure is wonderful, I'm really impressed by the effect they create *__*

  22. Cât de frumoase sunt abțibildurile! Îmi place mult întreaga manichiură, arată foarte frumos!
    Te pup!

  23. I don't use stickers so often, but I think you made a good combination and the final manicure is really nice, Entering Atlantis is beautiful :-)

  24. OMG!!!!!!
    This is perfect!! I loved!!!

  25. Wow, I like the 3D-Stickers very much- they have an antique look somehow :) And of course your combination with blue is absolutely perfect- maybe one day you will participate at my Blue Friday? :)

  26. Oh great stickers; I didn't know that these existed... Learning every day!



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