Friday, January 31, 2014

Inspired by a dress

As usual I browse through Pinterest and find a lot of beautiful and inspiring things. I saw this black and white dress and instantly thought to do a matching manicure. 


And here is my manicure.

I used for the base Lavander Cloud by Sally Hansen and with the saran wrap technique I applied the black Gabrini polish. I finished it with the gel look top coat from Golden Rose and I added on each nail black matte studs.

For now just this one picture but in the future by each post it will be more, I promise!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I am back

Hello my dear followers. The year 2013 was awful for me, I had lots of pain and struggle with my illness. Those of you who don’t know it, I had cancer. Now I am looking forward to a health future and hope that I will never go in remission. I have learned my priorities and I try to live as healthy as possible.

I couldn’t let my biggest passion aside, I painted my nails, does of you who followed me on Instagram know it. Manny of you asked me when will I come back and continue writing my blog, well I decided that this is the moment when I will continue blogging, 2014 is a new chapter of my life and blogging is a part of it.

I will make a few changes though, I won’t write in two languages I will choose the English one and I will post more NOTD’s, that means more pictures less talking :) I won’t post daily, maybe just two or three times a week, I will see how my time will allow me to do it.  

I want to change my header and I want you guys to give me your feedback because I cannot decide which one to choose.

I am happy to make my first post of this year and I am waiting your comments and suggestions what you ladies would like to see in my blog.

Thank you!


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