Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Holographic foils form the Born Pretty Store

I didn't used for a while nail foils and when I saw the holo foils on the Born Pretty Store I was so intrigued and amazed by it that I had to try them. I choose the geometric patterned ones but on the site you can find 8 different kind of foils and they are all amazing!

The foil is quite long and it contains a lot of small and big geometric shapes on it, which is good because the application can be tricky and you can have fail attempts. The big shapes are thought for longer nails, because as you can see bellow in my first mani the pattern does not look exactly like on the foil. For a proper application you will need a foil glue, if you use regular nail polish and on UV nails, which have the inhibition layer you won't need the glue. 

I had some problems until I released which one is the side that must be applied on the nails, but besides that application is quite easy, after the nail glue dries and becomes translucent you put the foil on it and rub the surface with pressure until the foil transfers completely on the nails. As you can see in the pictures on some places the foil did not transferred well enough, but all in all I am pleased with the result. I had no special finish for nail foils but I used Sally Hanssen's Double Duty and everything worked fantastic. 

All in all I liked the result, the holo effect looks very nice on the nails, I need more practice when it comes to a perfect application, but as I mentioned I am very pleased with the product. If you like it too, you can find it HERE and you can use my bellow seen discount code for 10% OFF for all of your purchases on the Born Pretty Store

Now the product is on SALE and it costs 0,99$

Friday, January 26, 2018

Glitter as snow

I continue reviewing some products I received last year and here is a beautiful white silver glitter powder from the Beauty Bigbang site. I am pretty sure many of you will like it a lot because it looks fantastic on the nails. The product came in a small, sealed plastic bag, which is awful because it is extremely hard to take out all the fine glitter particles. 

I painted with a white UV soak-off nail polish my nails as a base for the glitter. After curing it I applied the finish and on it, I scattered the glitter powder and cured it again. This way I obtained that beautiful glitter dust effect which looks like a sparkly snow. I combined it with a red nail polish and a girly water decal.

I think this glitter is very beautiful and elegant it does feel a little pit rough on the nails but it is not annoying at all. The amount of the powder is not much, I definitely going to need more. If you like the glitter powder you can find it HERE and just use the bellow seen discount code for any of your purchase from the Beauty Bigbang site. 

The product is on SALE now on the site

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Chrome pigment from Beauty Bigbang

I like very much to try out different kind of pigments and see the effect of them on the nails. I really wanted this chrome like one and I received it for review from the Beauty Bigbang site. I used it on a black UV soak-off nail polish to obtain that wonderful chrome effect. The MAGIC ROSE GOLD CHROME NAIL POWDER comes with a make-up brush together but I prefer to apply it with a silicone head tool and rub it on the sticky surface with light pressure for a fantastic finish. It it very important in this case to have a flawless base because after applying the pigment any bump or imperfection is very visible.

I like to use powder pigments because they are versatile, depending on what kind of color base it is applied. As I mentioned above I put it on a black base, but if you prefer a pink result of this powder you can apply it on white or red. 

Even if I liked this pigment on my nails just on it's own, I couldn't resist to double stamp two of my nails with a plaid pattern. I think this design is perfect for this season. I made the double stamping with a white and a gold regular nail polish. 

I don't  know about you but I love, love the result and I am anxious to try the pigment on other base colors too. If you like this powder you can find it HERE and you're welcome to use my bellow seen discount code for any of your purchase from the Beauty Bigbang site.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Elegant nails with decals

I wanted to show you this mani for a long time ago but I don't know, maybe because I was a little bit angry with it I did not do it so quickly. Last year I won a giveaway from Unghiutze Colorate - Happy Nails which was sponsored by Malika Colors and I received some nice colored nail polishes and cosmetics. I was super happy about it because the nail polishes looked pretty nice. When I received the package I instantly knew that the first nail polish I am going to try will be the one called  SUTRA HEART from the BUDDHA BAR COLLECTION. It is a very nice rose gold mixture with metallic shimmer which looks extremely elegant and subtle on the nails. I added two layers to obtain a complete  coverage. Then I used some black lace water decals to complete the manicure. The nail polish is quite chip resistant, even after 1 week of using it looked quite nice on my nails. The problem was when I removed it, my nails were very yellow, even if I had a base coat which was not from this brand. Maybe the base coat was not good enough for this nail polish, I can not explain the situation because in the ingredient list I can not find formaldehyde that can cause this problem and this is not even a dark nail polish, so I have a lot of ??????? in my head. I asked the girls who already used this polish and just one of them complained about a little bit of yellow coloring after the removal. I noticed some bubbles too after the mani dried completely so, I really don't know where was the problem. Maybe a chemical reaction with something. 

Besides the problem I had after using this nail polish, I have to mention that I like the brush, application is easy with it and I was surprised that such a shade can cover in just two coats. I am going to try the other polishes too, after my yellow nails will grow out and will come back with details. If it happens again it means that this brand is not for my nails. 

Did something similar happened to you?  

Friday, January 12, 2018

Winter holiday nails

Even if I was not active on the blog and social medias in the period of the holidays I painted may nails. Here is one of the designs I loved to were because I found the two nail polishes I used a perfect match. 

I received the Cobalt Indecent named polish at the Christmas Party I talked about in my last post. This product is from L'oreal Paris Romania and it is form the collection Le Vernis A L'Huile. The nail polish is very pigmented, I could have used just one coat for a complete coverage but I usually use two, so I did it the same way as always. It's hard to describe the color, it's a beautiful dusty teal shade in my opinion, but you all know I am very bad when it comes to describe a nail polish color. I love the size of the bottle and the wide brush which makes the application almost flawless. It supposed to have a subtle rose sent, but if you're asking me, I didn't sent anything like it. 

I combined this beautiful nail polish with the holographic Golden Orchid by Flormar and I painted a  white poinsettia with a little bit of gold accents. This was my Christmas mani and I really enjoyed this combo. 

I am curious if you had something special on your nails at Christmas time and tell me your opinion about this nail art I made. 
Thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Beauty Bloggers Meeting Christmas Party

I am a little-bit late with this post because as you can see in the title it is about a Christmas Party, but regarding that in the winter holidays I didn't had any time for the blog, you have to excuse me 👀

All of you who read my blog-posts from a longer time, already know that I participate to a yearly beauty bloggers meeting from Cluj which are kind of highlight of the year for me as a blogger. From last year on the four lovely ladies who are the organizers of this event, Anca PopJulia Hasch Gabriela Popescu , Cleopatra Coman started to invite us seasonally, which is absolutely fantastic because we always talk about topics that are commune for us. I have to mention that most of my friends don't give a damn about blogging so of course I am happy to be in a community that have the same interests like me! OK, this time the girls invited me to a Christmas Party in a cosy place called UBA Accommodation. The place looked fantastic and I felt like home, we ate pizza from Marty restaurant and sweets done by Full Chocolate/Csupa csoki. But I live you with the photos to see better how the atmosphere was there.

Gabriela Popescu Anca PopJulia Hasch, Cleopatra Coman 

Catalina Cotoc, Romina Talpos, Bianca, Me and Latis Isabela
Madalina Merca, Sigina, Bianca, Mihaela Elena, Catalina Cotoc, Alina Boda, Romina Talpos, Debora Tentis, Latis Isabela

At the end of the event we received some fantastic goodie bags and this is why I want to thank all the sponsors and of course the organizers too. It was a fantastic evening and I am super happy that I am in this community!

I hope you all liked this post and soon I will be back with some nail art too!
Have a fantastic day!


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