Friday, October 30, 2015

BONI polish review

Maybe some of you saw on social media sites that I received recently some products from the Born Pretty Store for review. I love them all and the most curious I was about a new candy like polish called BONI. On the Born Pretty Store site you can choose form 6 wonderful pastel shades, I liked the most #014 which is a light milky cream mint green shade loaded with big and small colorful hex and round glitters. 

Not just the color attracted me, the bottle design too. Love the shape of it and the added lace piece, makes it look fancy and elegant.

I few words about the quality of this BONI - ice cream shimmering polish. I applied the polish in one coat, because I found it very thick and the glitter particles did not found their places. The problem was that in one coat this polish was very stripy and did not cover as I like, so I tried it with two coats, but unfortunately it was to much and it dried very slowly. The surface of the nails were bumpy and the glitter particles didn't get even. I used a top coat but nothing changed, my nails did not get smooth. I like though how the multi color glitter particles pop against the pastel background! 

One coat without top coat

One coat with top coat
Two coats with top coat

All in all this polish is not for everyone, but I think the fans of cute and girly manicures and packaging will love it. The pastel shade is appropriate for spring and summer but if you like to make a cupcake nail art this is a polish for you! The formula isn’t going to amaze you, but it is a wearable nail polish!

Have you tried any polish from this collection? What did you think about them?

If you like any nail art stuff from the Born Pretty Store your welcome to use my bellow seen discount code! 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Inspired by a dress

It's time for an inspired by a dress post, don't you think? You all know that this is one of my favorite themes and in your comments I saw that some of you like it too very much.

I found a stunning outfit by Carolina Herrera that inspired me and I had to paint the skirt pattern on my nails. Isn't this outfit wonderful?

I used a yellow polish by beauty uk as a base and painted the flower pattern from the skirt with acrylic paint. I imitated the pattern from the top with a lace stamping pattern and added on it a hand made black sheer polish. That is all. How do you like the result?

I am glad that I had a little bit of time to make this nail art. I really missed to do an inspired by a dress manicure! 

Thank you for stopping by!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Blog anniversary and birthday giveaway winners

Hello lovely readers

Friday all the anniversary giveaway's ended and Rafflecopter choose randomly the winners. I e-mailed them all and wait for their replies!

I know that I promised to post the winners Monday, but something came up for that day and this is why I choose to post the winners today!

Drum rolls please, here are the lucky ones! 

25$ Born Pretty Store gift voucher winner

40$ Mont Bleu gift voucher winner

Souffel bracelet and charms winner

Cosmetic products winner

All of you who did not win this time don't worry in the near future I am planing new giveaways! 
Have a great day and thank you for all the lovely comments you live me at each post! I appreciate it! 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Birthday nails

Hello ladies

How was your weekend? Mine was full with events, Friday I had birthday and Saturday all my close friends came to me and had a small party. I thought to make a proper mani for the event, but I was so busy that my time did not allowed it. This is why I painted my nails just with a polish, but what an awesome one - El Corazon - Active Bio-gel nail polish - Gemstones - 423/453 Aventurine.

I love how elegant this rusty brown/red, dense with micro-flakes polish looks on my nails. The formula is excellent, it needs 2 coats to get opaque and it dries super fast! This shade is perfect for fall. Enjoy the pictures and at the end I share some images from my birthday! 

I had the best birthday cake ever, made as surprise by my daughter and husband. Do you recognize my nail art?
I've got a lot of beautiful flowers and presents.
I hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Black dots

The last two weeks were extremely busy and I didn't wanted to run with naked nails around, so I opted to use two polishes with black glitter particles, Lovely - Pastel Pepper #1 and Flormar Back Dot 05.

Lovely - Pastel Pepper gets opaque in one coat and has a wonderful coral red shade full with tiny black particles. It dries fast and stays on 5 days without chipping. 

Flormar - Black Dot is a wonderful pastel blue shade full with matte black, big and tiny glitters. I added 3 coats, because I didn't liked how it covered. It dries fast but after 2 days it started to chip of my nails. 

Both of them are very hard to remove, but with a good acetone it works and in my opinion all the effort is worth it! Look at both of them how beautiful they are. 

On my middle finger I added a flower decal and finished my mani with a quick dry top coat from Moyra.

How do you like the polishes? How about the mani, do you prefer it with or without the flower decal? 

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Giveaway #3 - SOUFEEL bracelet and charms 

Giveaway #4 (RO only)

Monday, October 12, 2015

El Corazon - Matte & Shine Effect

Today I have a wonderful polish to show you for El Corazon - Matte & Shine Effect #162. I won this polish on Galina, known as yagala from the Instagram. 

This polish has a wonderful matte, satin finish and it is full with blue and magenta particles. It applies super easy and dries fast.

After one day of having and enjoying this beautiful polish on my nails I stamped and painted on it some triangle shapes with a silver metallic Barry M. polish and finished it with a matte top coat.

I have to mention that I consider the nail art kind of a fail and I like just the simple plain polish on it's own better on my nail! 

Have a great week begin!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Power of Pink collaboration

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is a campaign to increase awareness of the horrible disease. Most people are aware of breast cancer but many of them forget to take the steps to detect the disease in its early stages and encourage others to do the same. 

This is why we, nail art bloggers from the TPA (The Polish Addicts) group thought to encourage all of you ladies with our manicures to go and take a breast control. You can do it at home by palpation or going to a echography.

Some of you maybe know, I am a survivor and this is because my breast cancer was detected in an early stage. It was a hard and horrible fight, but I am here and that counts! 

Currently there is not sufficient knowledge on the causes of breast cancer, therefore, early detection is extremely important! When breast cancer is detected in early stages treatment is available and there is a big chance that it can be cured. If detected late treatment is often no longer an option. Give life a chance and go make a control!

Here is my manicure for breast cancer awareness month! 

I dedicate this mani to all who are still fighting or survived! I know a lot of young and older ladies that are keep fighting at the hospital that I go for my treatment and I hope that all of them will survive and enjoy life again! 
Here is the list with all the blogs who participate to this collaboration. Go see all the beautiful manicures: 
  1. Oana -
  2. Andra Kat-
  3. Mădălina -
  4. Teo -
  5. Vanyna -
  6. Deyutza-
  7. Andrea -
  8. Iulia Maria -
  9. Alina -
  10. Adelina -
  11. Iulia B.  -
  12. Madalina -
  13. Gabi -
  14. Mihaela -
I have 4 active giveaway's and  you're all welcome to participate, just follow the links bellow!


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