Monday, May 30, 2016

Matte owls

I didn't made matte nails form quite a while and I had mood for it. So, today I have a fun and colorful nail art made with Born Pretty Store owl water decals.

I won a beautiful Catrice matte and more effect nail polish from Glow Beauty Blog IG giveaway and I was very curious how it works. I have to mention that I was pretty impressed, I added a thin layer just over the blue nail polish and I obtained a matte finish with a pearly glitter effect. I like it very much and I am curious how it works on other nail polishes too.

Well, how do you like my nail art? If you like the decals you can find them here and if you purchase anything from the Born Pretty Store site you can use my discount code LML91 for 10% OFF!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Plaid nails

OK, I know that this is not the period of time to do plaid nails...but come on why not, we had some strange weather these days and I didn't felt the spring/summer vibe at all.

For my today's nail art I used a green plaid patterned water decal I received from the Lady Queen site. As you can see in the pictures the decal sheet is not so big, but enough for accent nails. I thought that green goes well with gold, so I combined it with a P2 Lost in glitter - get gorgeous!

For the decals I used a white nail polish to have a nice and soft base than I followed the usual steps, I cut out the pieces to fit my nails and than soak them for about 20 seconds. I placed them to my nails and removed the excess water and finished it with a clear top coat.

I made a half-moon design too

All in all the decals are fantastic and easy to use, I enjoyed to were them! If you like these decals you can find them here in several colors and now they are on sale, so just go and grab them. If you purchase anything from the Lady Queen site you can use my bellow seen discount code!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Powerful pink

Hello ladies, how are you today? I hope all of you are wonderful.

I want to show you today a manicure I wore for about 2 weeks ago and from than my nails are naked because I don't find time to paint them :( Yes, I've been a bad, bad blogger too so I hope that with the time this will change.

The polishes I used for this manicure are lovely pink shades form Essie - Bermuda Shorts which is a hot neon magenta creme and dries semi-matte, but I added a top coat on it and the light and wonderful Barry M - Strawberry Ice Cream. I added on one nail a little bit of colorful glitter from Orly - Glitterbomb to make this manicure look elegant. 

After a while I added a stamped flower pattern on my ring fingernail, but I removed it very quickly because I didn't liked the effect of it together with the neon magenta. Maybe stamped with white it would have looked much better. I am curious which look is your favorite, with or without stamping? 

Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely day! 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Delicate dandelions

In my childhood I always liked dandelions and I remember that I was blowing away them and loved how they flew with the wind and brought a smile on my face. Nice memories :)) Well, regardless of this today I want to show you a delicate dandelion water decal that I have received for review from the Born Pretty Store.

On the sheet are mixed patterned dandelions, some of them are full nail designs and the others are just smaller pieces to be added as details. I like them both, but today I used the whole nail design together with a gorgeous sparkly and textured gray/black nail polish from Zoya - Pixie Dust - Dhalia

The decals are easy to apply, I cut them out form the sheet to a little bit bigger piece than my nail size to be sure that I will get a full coverage. I added a white base on two of my nails and let it dry and in between I soaked the decals in water for a few seconds. Application was easy, with the help of a tweezers I added the decals on my nails and smoothed them out to be without wrinkles. I removed the excess with my usual acetone and finished it with a top coat. 

You can see Zoya Dhalia in two coats on my nails, the formula was fantastic, the polish spread nicely and dried very fast! 

If you like the water decals you can find them here and dandelion body tattoos too, like the ones I bought from the site and I am going to use them in the summer and show them to you than! If you purchase anything from the Born Pretty Store you can use my bellow seen discount code. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pastel shades

I am not tired of dark colors but for now and than I like to were pastel shades.

Polishes I used for my nail art: Barry M. - Mint Green, Barry M -Textured collection - Ridley Road and a yellow pastel shade called Technic - Pretty Pastels

Not much to say, I made two accent nails with the help of a nail vinyl that I have received as a gift from my dear friend Oana. For the base of the accent nails I used the lovely pure white from essence and after drying I added the nail vinyls and with the help of a sponge I made the green and the yellow pastel gradient on it. 

It is the first time I use such kind of nail vinyls and I definitely need more exercise on adding them straight on my nails, but I think these are great products that can help to achieve interesting looking nail art. 

Have you used nail vinyls?  What is your experience with them?


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