Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas nails

Merry Christmas my dear nail art friends. I hope that you have some wonderful days together with your loved ones. I wish you all the best and enjoy this period of time to the max with your family! 

Today I have a simple stamped manicure with my new Moyra stamping plate 09 - Celebration. For the base I used a wonderful Sephora polish called  Full Moon Party which is a purple polish full with pink and blue micro-glitters, so it appears multidimensional in stronger light conditions. 

I stamped on it snowflakes and some holiday greetings text. I like very much the outcome. 

I hope you like this nail art! I wish you a fantastic holiday and thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Stamped bubble nails

Hello lovely ladies

How are you today? I am enjoying my time off and I am anxious for Christmas!

Today I have a manicure made with a polish I bought at my last trip to Hungary. The polish is Rival de Loop - Holo Nails - #01 Dreamland. It is a pretty pink holo polish with not a strong and visible effect, though I like it very much.

I recently won a contest on Lucy's Stash blog and my prize was a Bundle Monster stamping plate made in collaboration with the talented Lucy. I love all the patterns on it. 

I enjoyed this fun, bubble pattern on my nails and I am anxious to try other ones too soon! How do you like this mani? Do you have this stamping plate?

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Winter teddy

Sorry for my absence, but I am enjoying my time off together with my daughter. I am painting my nails but I don't have much time for blog posts, so I will keep it short and schedule some post for the next two weeks. 

Today I am going to show you a cute winter manicure that I dedicate to my daughter and with this one I am going to participate to the Born Pretty Store Xmas nail art contest. If you like my work you can vote for me here, my entry number is #351

I used Golden Rose - Jolly Jewels 121 and the teddy is made with acrylic paint. 

How do you like my winter teddy? What is you favorite Christmas or holiday nail art character that you use on your nails?

Vote for me if you like this nail art. #351 - HERE.
Thank you!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Squishy stamper review

I had this review on my list form quite a while and now the day has come to show you the Squishy Stamper I received for review from the Born Pretty Store. As you will see in the pictures I received one stamper with a metallic grip, three squishy refill heads and one plastic scraper.

I took a picture with my old and new stamper to show you the differences. The squishy stamper is much larger, 4 cm diameter, and it is made of soft silicone that covers the nail with less pressure. The silicone heads are different colored and also a little bit sticky. The silicone head is put in a metal cup holder that has an easy grip and is smaller than the older one. The scraper that comes with the stamper is thin and flexible than usual credit cards.

I made two manicures with the help of this stamper, but first I filed gently the surface of the stamping head because I tried several times to pick up the image from the plate and I didn't succeed. But after the filing everything worked wonderfully. I made a stamping decal, and having 3 squishy heads everything went more quickly and easy. 

For my flower nail art I used, Barry M - Gelly -Pomegranate and the beautiful gold glitter Orly - Bling.

For my second manicure I used the read stamping head because I stamped with a white nail polish and this way the pattern was more visible. For this mani I used Essie - Material Girl, Sephora - Purple Jewelry.

Which manicure you like better? I tried to make them as festive as possible, to be appropiate for this period of time.

 All in all I like this stamper because it is bigger than all the other ones I tried until now and it’s easy to get a design pattern up and right into the edges of the nails. The silicone head is more flexible and having three stamping heads makes all the work much easier. But the stickiness of the stamping heads are quite annoying for me (you can see on the pictures that each head is full with black lint's that are quite hard to remove) and this is why I like a little bit better my old silicone marshmallow stamper.

If you like this product you can find it here and if you purchase anything from the Born Pretty Store you're welcome to use my bellow seen discount code.  

Go to the Born Pretty Store site because there is a big Christmas Nail Art contest with lots of fantastic prizes!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Feather water decals

If time is not enough to make a complicated manicure than I grab my water decals and make quickly a simple mani. This time I used feather water decals form Lady Queen shop.

I received a sheet with 11 different patterned and colored feather decals.
These are white decals perfect for dark base polishes.

For my manicure I used Nails inc. - Elizabeth St. for the base of the decals and a dark navy blue, almost black shade called Nails inc. - Motcomb Street. 

These kind of cute decals can make any manicure look fantastic and I really enjoyed to were them. They are simple to use, they must be cut on size, put in a little bit of water and hold there for about 10-15 seconds and then with the help of a tweezers they can be applied on the polished and dried nail. Then add topcoat to stick the decal to your nails! That’s it.

You can find this sheet of decals here and if you buy anything from the Lady Queen Shop you're welcome to use my discount coupon from bellow!  

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Soak off gel nails

Hello ladies

As you may noticed I am quite absent from the blog and I don't have time to visit and comment on your work either. I am quite busy these days and it is very hard to find time to paint my nails and make blog posts! Though I wanted to show you my nails I wore last week.

This is the second time I used soak-off polish but this time from Pearl Nails. I was at a Roadshow presentation and I bought a lot of goodies from this brand.

As you will see in the pictures I used a gorgeous orange shade with gold shimmer and painted on two of my nails, with a black gel some arabesque patterns. After I cured my nails at a UV lamp I did not cleaned off the sticky surface and I applied a nail art foil, but I didn't liked the result so at the end I wore it without the foil. How do you like it better?

Thank you for stopping by!


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