Saturday, January 30, 2016

January's Nails Challenge - Selfie with your nails!

Isn't this theme a blast? Well, I am glad that I could make a manicure and participate to this final month collaboration. I have to mention that I am not a big selfie fan and I don't really use the front camera very often...just maybe when I am with friends together and we want to make some group pictures. So don't laugh at my selfies and my awkward face, because I am not good at this!

Lets start with the nail art, I used KIKO 328 to make a wide french mani and I added a rectangular stud on it. The KIKO polish is a grey blueish shade with a creamy consistency! On my ring finger nail and thumb I applied in three layers a gorgeous silver holo polish from Jade - Psicodélica. To assure that the studs wont fell off very easily I added two layers of top coat on it...and they are still standing on my nails after 3 days! 

Here are the selfie :)). 

I am curious about the fun pictures of the other girls and this way we can see the face behind the beautiful nails too:
  1. Mădălina -
  2. Oana -
  3. Iulia Maria -
  4. Mihaela -
  5. Cristina-
  6. Andrea -
  7. Andreea M -
  8. Violeta -

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lace stamping plate review

Hello lovely ladies, how are you today? I am very busy, but I had the time to review a gorgeous lace stamping plate BP-L028 which was sent to me from the Born Pretty Store. I made two manicures with it, that you can see bellow. Excuse my dry hands and cuticles, I use a lot of creams and balms but the weather is so cold here that my hands suffer from it a lot.

The first one is made with an elegant purple shade from Revlon - No Shrinking Violet and I stamped on it with Revlon - Camel the swirly pattern form the BPS plate.  On my ring finger nail I added a textured light beige nail polish from AVON - Mineral Crush - Pearl, that I received last year as a gift from the lovely Ella.

The second manicure is a matte one, made with Revlon - Iced Mauve and AVON White Matte. I stamped a part from the big lace  pattern with Laura Clauvi - No.6 Sweetness. I finished the mani with a matte top coat and added two rhinestones for a more elegant effect!

I am glad that I have this wonderful stamping plate that is available HERE, the big lace patterns are perfect for any kind of nails (small and longer ones) and look super elegant. The small patterns are trendy and modern in my opinion and I already have some new manicure ideas. 

If you purchase anything form the Born Pretty Store you're welcome to use my below seen discount code!

 Now I am curious, do you have this stamping plate? How do you like my manicures, do you have a favorite one?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

January's Nails Challenge - Inspired by favorite drink

I almost couldn't participate to this theme, because this weak was very busy for me, but on a sleepless night I took out the bellow seen polishes and made this mani. I am a big tee drinker, especially green tee with mint and lemon. So my nail art represents exactly this drink. I hope you like it! 

Here are all the lovely ladies who participates to this collaboration. Just check their blogs!
  1. Mădălina -
  2. Oana -
  3. Cristina -
  4. Corina
  5. Deyutza -
  6. Iulia Maria -
  7. Alyce -
  8. Teo -
  9. Andra Kat -
  10. Eva -

  11. I wish you all a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Shattered glass nails

I am sure you already know this kind of nail art, but I really wanted to try it too, so here is my shattered glass manicure made with nail foils I received for review from the Born Pretty Store.

For the base of my manicure I used a gorgeous burgundy, cooper multichrome polish from Colour Alike # 548. Than after cutting the nail foils in different size and shaped pieces I applied on two of my nails a top coat and pressed separately the foils in it randomly. I finished it with a thick layer of top coat.

I really like the effect of the foils on the multichrome base, but the finish became rough and uneven because of the foil pieces, so maybe I cut them to big for this kind of nail art!

I tried to use a heart shaped puncher to cut from the foils a few pieces, but without any success. The foil is so thin and flexible that it all crumpled. 

It was fun to try this magical nail foil and I am already thinking of using it in other manicures too. If you like them and want to have some shattered glass effect nails, you can find it here and you can use my bellow seen discount code for any of your purchase from the Born Pretty Store

Now I am curious, have you tried this nail art? How was your experience with it?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Thermal polish review

I like to use temperature changing nail polishes a lot and I am always very anxious and excited to put my hands in cold and warm water to see the changes. Having a cold weather I thought it is a perfect time to review the Born Pretty Store nail polish, I received last year. 

I choose #004 which in the bottle looked dark purple and on my nails became a sophisticated and mysterious looking dark cherry (almost black) with brown tones. In the below seen pictures you can see 2 layers, without top coat.

The formula is great, it goes one smoothly without any problems and dries fast to a wonderful cream finish!
After putting my nails in warm water the color changed to an elegant light cherry shade and than started the magic. The tips of my nails started to get darker and it looked liked a faded french manicure, which I totally loved!

Than I thought to stamp e few snow flakes on it with my new stamping plate I bought before the holidays. The plate is BP-01.

I am incredibly pleased with this beautiful color changing polish on my nails and seeing the gorgeous color transition I just want to try out more from this collection! If you want this polish, you can find it here and if you purchase anything from the Born Pretty Store you're welcome to use my bellow seen discount code. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

January's Nails Challenge - Ice or Silver nails

We are at the second challenge theme and this time as you can see in the title we had to use polishes which are similar to ice or silver ones. I made a simple interpretation of this topic, buy using two polishes: the gray Avon Magic Effects - Matte- Grey Cement and the silver glitter polish from Yves Rocher - Silver Paillettes.

I loved the outcome of this manicure and the way the silver glitter polish pops out on the matte finish.

Natural light conditions

I am super curious what kind of designs the girls from The Polish Addict group made:
  1. Mădălina -
  2. Oana -
  3. Iulia Maria -
  4. Mihaela -
  5. Eva -
  6. Alina JustAnAngel - 
  7. Madalina -
  8. Corina
  9. Deyutza -
  10. Cristina -
  11. Andra Kat-
  12. Andrea -
  13. Iulia B. -


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