Monday, March 31, 2014

Random and easy nail designs

I saw that many of you liked these kind of post's with mani's that I made and never posted on my blog. So, sorry for the spam, but here it is one again and I promise this time it will be the last. Enjoy!

1. Flower nail seals from KK CenterhK, you can find them here.

They are very easy to use and make from a plane base an eye-catching mani that is hard to make with acyclic paints. The application is super easy because these seals are self adhesive, you just have to add on them a top coat for a longer lasting result.
2. Matte crackle polish
3. 3D Glaze
4. Just add a bow
5. Shine, shine, shine
6. Stamped nails with KK CenterhK plate that you can find here.

The plate has styles designs with tribal, animal print and Asiatic letter. The patterns are small perfect for shorter nails too and the transfer is easy an accurate.
7. Metallic combination
8. Breast Cancer Awareness
9. Burgundy all the way
10. Mermaid blue
11. Gold finger
12. Flower stamped nails
13. Snowflake stickers
14. Textured gradient
15. Futuristic looking mani
16. Textured and glitter combination
17. Summer feelings
18. Tape mani with studs
If you like you can tell me which one is your favorite and 
please do tell me what kind of designs and posts 
would you prefer in the future to see on my blog!?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Textured polishes and stamping

Hello ladies.

I made some experiments with my new MoYou London plates, this time I used one from the Suki collection. I am a big textured polish fan so, I was really curious how the stamping works on it. I made two mani's, one with the OPI Vesper at the base, this  is a really interesting black - purple with black sand like glitters polish. It mostly just looks black, but in certain light conditions you can see the purple in it. I used it in two coats which provided a gorgeous deep shade. After drying I stamped it with the golden Revlon polish and I have chosen the classy looking pattern from the Suki Plate Collection 05.

The second manicure is made with two textured polishes at the base. I've started with P2 Strict - Sand style and used the sponge-ombre technique and added the deep purple Vesper. The subtle sparkle and the high contrast between the two colors is very eye-catching! It is very easy to make ombre manicures with  textured formula polishes, you can not make any mistakes! For the finish I choose a spider web, flower (hard to describe) looking pattern from the Suki plate and added on half of it a white polish and on the other half a black polish from Konad.

As I already mentioned in my previous post I became addicted with the MoYou London plates. This time too the patterns transferred fully, the stamping experience was a lot of fun. My husband was standing beside me when I made the manis and he was totally speechless when he saw the patterns on my nails, and trust me he is the kind of person who always has a comment when it comes to my hobby :))

The plates can be purchased from the MoYou London site, just go and check it out you can choose from a multitude of designs and the new Easter collection is already out!  You can find it here!

Easter collection

The products were sent to me by MoYou London and the review is based on my experience and were in no way influenced by anyone.

Monday, March 24, 2014

MoYou London professional stamping plates

Hello lovely ladies. 

Today I am proud to show you a fantastic and super professional stamping plate from MoYou London. Last week I was lucky, because I received my very first two professional stamping plates, from the well known brand, MoYou London. I've heard so much good stuff about it, that I was curious myself if they all are true and of course I wanted to share my experience with you. And now, I can assure you that all that I read and heard about the plates are true and the use of them can be addictive!

I'm beyond excited today to share with you my MoYou London review! 

MoYou London is a UK company which creates unique and truly amazing stamping plates. Their patterns are all styles and well engraved into the plate, and this way stamping can be fun and a very easy experience! They create patterns that cover the hole surface of the nail and also the unique mural plates, which consist of one huge image, that the stamper can pick and choose from. Each plate is made of stainless steel with a plastic base.

I had the opportunity, to choose two plates from the site, and I can tell you that it was quite hard, because all of them has something special and beautiful. My choice was the Time Traveller Plate Collection - Back to the 70's 03 and Suki Plate Collection 05

This time I made a mani with the Back to the 70's plate. This plate is about the best trends of each decade and it includes 12 different designs. 

I used the following products for my mani: 

1) Bobbi Brown - Turquoise for the base and Barry M. - Foil Effect for the stamping and I finished it with the Golden Rose gel look top coat
2) MoYou Stamp & Scraper
3) MoYou Image Plate

I followed the next steps: 

1) Removed the blue protection sticker from the plate
2) Applied polish on the chosen pattern and removed the excess nail lacquer with the plastic scraper using a 45ยบ angle
4) Pick up the design with the stamper using a rolling motion
5) Stamped the design on the nail using again, a rolling motion
6) Applied the top coat for a longer lasting result.

And this is my result.

On one of my nails out of curiosity I applied a very sheer golden polish from Golden Rose to see a subtle stamping result and I was amazed, because it worked and it looks wonderful. 

Stamped with a sheer polish
Overall I am blown away by the professional quality of the MoYou London plates. The pattern transferred fully, the design was crisp and the stamping experience definitely positive. Trust me, anyone can do it even if you don't have much experience and you will own a mani that any women will envy :)

The plates can be purchased from the MoYou London site, just go and check it out because I am sure you will find a lot of designs that will win your heart! 

This week I will make an another mani with the Suki plate and I will try it with a textured polish base, so I am very excited!  

MoYou London plates
The products were sent to me by MoYou London and the review is based on my experience and were in no way influenced by anyone.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Golden Rose Paris Magic Colors

I bought last year two beautiful polishes from Golden Rose Paris Magic Collection. The collection consists of 45 metallic shades, some with flakes, iridescent or duo - chrome polishes. I will show you today two duo - chrome polishes with pearly reflections, one is 344 and the other one 349.

At first you can notice the bottle shape that it is different from the rest of the Golden Rose polishes, this one imitates the Eiffel Tower with a sharp triangular glass. I am not very found of this kind of bottle's because it is very hard to store.

I applied the 344 in three layers but I think it was to much because it made bubbles and the 349 in two layers. The drying time is not so fast as I would wish, but  the the application is smooth. 

As you can see the duo-chrome effect is not very strong but both of the polishes have a striking glow, kind of to much for my taste, but I love the subtle color changing effect that it is more evident when I am indoors. 

Witch one is your favorite? Do you have any polishes from this collection?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Brush stroke flowers

My dear friend payed me a visit so I made her a manicure. 

The choice of the dark polish was hers and the design and combination mine. She fell in love instantly with the vampy Bleu Violet from Bourjois, which is a perfect cremey indigo shade. The formula is very thick, so I applied it in one layer and it dried instantly! For me this color it was to dark, so I thought to combine it with silver, OPI Nicole - Give me the 1st Dance and added some white/pink acrylic flowers. I let you with the pictures. My friend was very exited about the results, I hope that you will like it too!


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