Saturday, August 30, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter R

I missed a few letters from this challenge because of my vacation, but now I am back and I hope until the end of it I will continue to make creative nail art. For letter R for me from the beginning it was crystal clear that I am going to choose to make ROSES, because I love how the small flowers look on the nails.

For this mani I used for the base Flormar 424, mint green and I added some pink dots with Barry M. Bright Pink and after that with a thin brush I painted the details with acrylic colors. I had this manicure on my nails for about one week, not just because I didn't had time for any new ones, because I loved it so much that it was hard for me to remove it. I became a lot of compliments and a few people asked me if I am a professional nail artist. Maybe I should change my carrier :)

I am super curious what the other girls made and if somebody had the same theme as me: 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Stamping plate holder review

Do you own many stamping plates? How do you organize them? 

Until now, I putted them in a box and many of them got scratched, but from now on I will use the small plate holder that I received from the Born Pretty Store

This is going to be a short post, without any #nail art, but I am sure for many of you a useful one.

The plate holder is small (7.5x8.5cm) but practical and it can hold totally 24 pieces of stamping plates, on 12 double sided plastic pockets. The plates can be seen easily because the pockets are transparent and they glide towards right. The pockets can hold the usual round sided plates and the octagonal ones too.

This product is a great solution for does of you who have many stamping plates and as you can see it is a very stylish and handy object that can be stored anywhere, even in your handbag! 

If you like it, you can order it here, and don't forget you can use my discount code from bellow, for a 10% off of your purchase! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Simple and elegant mani and pedi (picture heavy post)

Hello lovelies. How was your weekend? 

Mine was fool with amazing events and activities and I will show you some pictures at the end of the post from it! But until than first a manicure that I wore for my 20 years of high school reunion. I had to keep it simple, because I wore a black dress with lot of beads on the neckline. I used two polishes from Golden Rose, a black textured one from the Holiday collection N60 and a beautiful golden one from the Selective Nail Lacquer collection nr. 51. 

I made an accent nail by stamping it with a classy and simple pattern and I added in the middle of it a small black matte rhinestone. I made my pedicure too, and this time with the encouragement from Anouka (LUXESSED) I am going to show you, even if I absolutely hate my feats!

In our town the hole last weak was Hungarian Festival time, each day something interesting happened and of course I attended to a lot of concerts, even if the weather was quite bad and rainy. Here are some pictures. Enjoy! 
Medieval town entrance.

Hand made products market.

Traditional Hungarian food.

I wore the cardigan I won on the contest organized by Romwe and Demi - Beauty and the Mist. Sorry for my tired face.
Tango lessons on the street!
My daughter making huge soap bubbles.
International folk dance festival.

The view from the Continental Hotel at the heart of the town. Most of the concerts were hold here.

Fireworks at the end of the festival.

I hope you liked my picture heavy post! 
Thank you for stopping by!


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