Saturday, May 30, 2015

Many, many dots - Pond manicure

It is time for a little bit of nail art because laity I posted just swatches and I am sure it starts to be boring for you. Well, today I tried a new kind of nail art called pond. A pond mani is a simple jelly sandwich, only instead of using glitter you paint any kind of pattern on your nail, in my case dots, between the layers.

For a pond mani it is important to have sheer tint polishes. You don't own one? No problem, just make it yourself. Take any kind of clear polish and put in it 3-4 drops of colored polish of your choice. Shake it and you have your first sheer tint polish.

Now comes the nail art. For this manicure I built up the sheer tint layers without any base, and between each layer I added randomly dots using a white polish. I have three layers of sheer tint polish, but you may put just two or even more until you achieve the wished effect. I love the jelly effect of this mani and the different intensity of the white dots. I live you with the fun looking manicure.

If you have any questions regarding this technique, maybe I was not very clear in my explanations, just ask me in the comment box. Have a wonderful and sunny weekend!

Thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Born Pretty Store Chameleon #212

You will see on my nails today a beautiful multichrome polish from Born Pretty Store called Chameleon #212. I painted one coat of this polish over a black one, because it makes the color shift more intense and this is how the manufacturer reacquires. The colors you can see in this polish varies between pink, cooper, gold and dark green. As you recall I had a similar polish on my nails from a few days ago (here), but this one has a more intense effect.

The formula is a little bit thick and it applies stripy, but I think that is because of the black base I used, a cream one. The drying time was average and it the finish shiny. 

If you like this polish, you can find it here, or if you purchase any nail art stuff or other products from the Born Pretty Store, your welcome to use my bellow seen discount code.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Polish remover Laura Clauvi

I usually show you a lot of nail polishes and nail-art designs but finding a good nail polish remover is equally important. This is why today I have a review for a nail polish remover from Laura Clauvi.

De obicei va arat o multitudine de manichiuri dar mai rar dizolvant pentru unghii. Din aceasta cauza m-am gandit ca azi sa va arat un produs dedicat pentru curatarea unghiilor de la Laura Clauvi Romania

Formula contains a special treatment that protects nails and provides a quick removing of the nail polish. The nails are clean with a single removing gesture.

Formula contine un tratament special care va protejeaza unghiile si va ofera o dizolvare rapida. Unghii curate si protejate dintr-un singur gest.

My opinion: For me it is very important to have hydrated nails and this is why I like mild polish removers. The Laura Clauvi polish remover contains acetone and it removes the polish from two or three moves but it does not dry out the nails and cuticles. The smell of it is not very strong and significantly, but not very pleasant either. I have to mention that when it comes to smells I am very picky and until now from all the polish removers I used I found just one without a smell that does not bother me. The bottle is quite small, 120 ml one so it’s not large enough to last me a very long time.

Opinia mea despre produs: Pentru mine este foarte important sa am unghiile hidratate si din aceasta cauza caut intodeauna produsele care nu usuca cuticulele. Dizolvantul Laura Clauvi contine acetona iar oja de pe unghie se indeparteaza aproximativ dupa doua, chiar trei miscari mai dure. Produsul nu usca unghiile si cuticulele. Mirosul nu este foarte puternic sau pregnant, dar nici una foarte placuta. Trebuie sa menĊ£ionez ca atunci cand vine vorba de mirosuri sunt extrem de pretentioasa, pana acum din toate dizolvantele folosite am gasit doar una care sa nu ma deranjeze. Sticla este destul de mica, 120 ml, asa ca nu e suficient de mare pentru o persoana care aproape zilnic foloseste dizolvant. 

All in all this is not such a bad polish remover, but still I need more in quantity, but some of you don't use as much as I do, so I think this would be a great product for you.

Ca si concluzie, dizolvantul Laura Clauvi este de calitate buna, dar din punct de vedere al cantitatii nu este satisfacator. Eu personal am nevoie de mai mult.

Daca doriti sa aflati noutati despre acest brand va recomand sa dati like paginii de Facebook Laura Clauvi si puteti accesa situl Laura Clauvi Romania pentru mai multe produse, nu numai pentru unghii ci si de make-up. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Winner of Colour Your Life Spring Giveaway

Ieri a fost ultima zi pentru inscriere la concurs si dat fiind faptul ca numarul participantilor nu a fost foarte mare, am fost harnica si am facut lista repede.

Felicitari OANA ALEXANDRU. Astept datele tale pe e-mail,

Felicitari OANA ALEXANDRU. Astept datele tale pe e-mail,

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Multichrome polish Colour Alike 549

Who knows Colour Alike?  As I am reading other nail art blogs I saw this brand and I was extremely curious how they are. I am a big multichrome polish fan, this is why my first choice was to buy a few polishes from this collection, my first one is 549 (I hate that they don't have names). This polish is very budget friendly unlike more expensive brands that offer these kind of polishes. 

Shade #549 is a multichrome polish that changes it color from a coppery orange to pink and it has a subtle holographic shimmer too. I didn't applied a black base color, I was curious to see how it works on it's own. In the pictures, you can see three coats. 

I stamped two of my nails with a royal like pattern, but I have to mention that I like better the polish on it's own!

I love cooper - brown shades and I can not have enough of them, so this polish is totally made for me. How do you like it? Do you own any Colour Alike polishes? Witch one is your favorite?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Born Pretty Store Holo polish

You all already know that I LOVE holographic polishes. Today I have a review for one from the Born Pretty Store, it doesn't have a name, just a number #8. It is an aqua blue shade, of which I've applied three coats. It is quite a sheer polish with not a very strong holographic effect, but the light shade of it is beautiful. The formula was smooth and easy to apply and it dries quite fast. It comes in a small 6 ml bottle.

I tried it on a black base

This polish holo effect is much stronger in natural light conditions but this time I couldn't take pictures from it unfortunately. All in all I like this polish very much, I didn't had this kind of shade in my collection so I am glad that I own it now. This is a polish that is perfect for summer time, when the sun shines and the effect of it is much stronger than in artificial light. If you like this polish, you can find it here, or if you purchase anything from the Born Pretty Store, you're welcome to use my discount code from bellow!

Do you own any Born Pretty Store holographic polish? Which one is your favorite?

Sunday, May 17, 2015

All Nail Team Challenge designs

In this post you can find all the nail art I made for the Nail Team Challenge. The links to the detailed manicure is bellow each picture. 

 Inspired by...a book, movie, song...

French manicure

Negative Space Nails

Recreate a mani by your favourite blogger

Vintage nails
Inspired by someone close to you
50 Shades of green
Tape mani
Retro manicure
Water decals
Glam nails
Degrade nails
Inspired by a pattern or outfit
Water marble
Rock style nails
It was a fantastic challenge, I enjoyed each theme a lot, even if a few of them came out horrible, because lack of time or other factors, I am glad that I participated to each of them. The Polish Addict Group came up with an another challenge already, so soon new manicures will come!

Please tell me witch manicure was your favorite one? 


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