Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Geometric patterned stamping plate

I continue my reviews and today I want to show you a very cool stamping plate (BP77) I received from the Born Pretty Store. At the first look these geometric patterns are not very exiting but stamped on any color make an eye catching manicure.

I created a colorful base for these patterns, maybe to daring and colorful but I had fun doing it. I painted a white base on each of my nails and with the help of a piece of a sponge and the nail polishes I dabbed the different colors on my nails. After adding a thin layer of top coat I stamped the patterns on my nails. I finished with a top coat to seal the design. 

The images are very well carved in the plate and they transfer crisp and sharp to the nails. Three of the patterns are quite big, excellent for longer nails and the others ones are smaller perfect for any kind of length. I love this minimalist style and the truth is, I could not freehand paint such shapes, so this stamping plate is very welcome in my collection! 

If you like it, just look up for it here and if you purchase anything from the Born Pretty Store you're welcome to use the bellow seen discount code!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Coffee is served!

I am sure you are curious what is with this title on a nail art blog!? Well, I had the opportunity to try some fun coffee patterned water decals (QJ-165) that I received recently for review from the Lady Queen website

I don't know about you, but I thought it is fun and interesting to dedicate a manicure for this potion called coffee. I used for my nail art three nail polishes, maybe not the best combination made by me, but here they are; the dark brow silver shimmery one called Sweet Georgia Brown - Rocky Road (it stained terribly my nails, I never going to use it again) and as an accent the Barry M - Gold Glitter

The water decals come on a white sheet, about 62 x 52 mm. If you have longer nails, this won't be enough to add on each of them, but you can use it as an accent as I did. They are easy to apply, they must be cut on proper sizes and after that you can put them in water and add them on your nails. I have to mention that they are translucent, so it is better to use a base shade, in my case they are put on one layer of Avon Color Trend - Rare.

It was fun to use these water decals, I find them very interesting on the nails. If you like them, you can find them here and you can use my bellow seen discount code for any of your purchase from the Lady Queen website.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Green plaid nails

I saw so many plaid nails on different blogs that I feel in love with this style. This is why I wanted  a great stamping plate that has several textile patterns on it. I found one on the Born Pretty Store that has various plaid and hounds tooth designs from I can choose. Here is my interpretation for this nail art style.  

I used the following nail polishes: Yves Rocher black for the base on three of my nails which I topped with the NYC Rock Muse Smoky top coat - Green Day 006. On two of my nails, as base for the plaid pattern, I used a BPS light green multi-glitter nail polish, I bought from quite a while called KR 600. It is an extremely sheer nail polish, and I had to layer up 4 coats. It dried super hard. After a quick dry top coat I stamped the plaid pattern on it with a black stamping polish. The image transferred nicely and each design from this plate is very well carved in. This stamping plate has no plastic back as the other BPS plates, but the quality of it is very good regardless of this detail! I enjoyed to were this fun nail art and soon I am going to try the other pattern too.

I hate the horrible smudging. I bought my usual Golden Rose Quick Dry top coat that never smudged...until now and this happened :( Maybe they changed the formula, but this new one does not work anymore for stamping and even on decals. The water decals melt underneath a thin top coat.  I definitely have to look up for another top coat brand!

If you like this stamping plate, you can find it here and you're welcome to use my bellow seen discount code.  Just check the Born Pretty Store site for several nail art stuff and more!

Thank you Born Pretty Store for sending me this great plate for review! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hop into Spring

Sorry for my absence here and in the social media sites. I will try to schedule some new post from now on and show you the new goodies I received for review.

I prepared this manicure for the usual Saturday challenge but I couldn't post it, because personal problems. The theme was to make a spring manicure. For me this new season means freshness, new beginning and a whole lot of flowers. This is why for this theme I used some untried flower patterned sticker sheets from the Born Pretty Store

It was kind of a struggle to use them because they are super thin and sticky. I worked with the help of a tweezers but I had to throw away a few parts of this stickers because they trimmed very fast before I could place them on my nails. This is why I used them as accent nails. As you can see in the pictures these stickers are put on a foil and must be cut at nail size before use. They stick very fast to the nails and can not be replaced. As I mentioned before, they are extremely thin and need a thick top coat to resist on the nails!

I combined the stickers with a deep purple shade from Maybelline and on my ring finger I used one layer of Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud on which I put just a stripe from the flower decal.

I seek for this decals on the Born Pretty Store, but I couldn't find it, maybe it is sold out, but you can find a lot of nail stickers and decals here and you're welcome to use my bellow seen discount code for any of your purchase. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Reverse french nails

I have today an elegant nail art to show you made with a gorgeous matte nail polish from Golden Rose matte collection #15. This polish is a dream, has a wonderful matte/satin finish and a lovely emerald green shade that I love. I really don't know why I kept this beauty so much in my stash without using it.  

On two of my nails I made a revers french nail art with the help of a chrome nail polish called Aquamarine Chrome by Sally Hansen. I like very much the combination of the shiny chrome effect together with the elegant matte one. 

Natural light

Direct sunlight
After a while I thought to stamp on my nails an elegant pattern from my new #Qgirl-057 stamping plate I received from the Born Pretty Store as a gift. This is my first plate from the 'a Qin An' collection, but I can tell you that compared with the usual BPS plates it is no difference. Maybe just the fact that it is packed in a simple see trough cardboard package. The plate is very well carved in and the design transfers easy and crisp on the stamping head. As you can see, this plate contains very elegant and delicate patterns which look very nice on the nails.

If you like this stamping plate you can find it here and you're welcome to use my bellow seen discount code. 

I am curious, how do you like my manicure better, with or without the stamped pattern? 


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