Saturday, June 28, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter I

One of my favorite nail designs is the Ikat pattern. So, the choice for the theme was very easy this time - Ikat nails.

I used two beautiful polishes, Barry M. Emerald Green No.284 a lush, verdant, rich color with tons of metallic shimmer. I know that Emerald Green was the Pantone color of 2013, but I still love it and use it any time I can! It took about two coats but this polish is totally opaque in one coat and the formula is really lovely - great application with hardly any mess.

The second polish I used as an accent for this design is Catrice Yellow Sub-Mandarin which is a yellow-orange polish with a slight shimmer. The white and the black are acrylic colors, which I applied with a thin brush. I finished my work with the Golden Rose gel look top coat.

I enjoyed to wear this mani, somebody asked me if I am a professional nail artist seeing this design on my nails, her words were hunny to my soul! I love how this combination turned out and I am going to try other ones too very soon!

I am very curious if some other participant to this challenge used the same theme, so I am going to check their blogs. Do it too, you won't regret it.
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Born Pretty Store studs review

Today I will show some awesome and very cool shaped studs, that I received from the Born Pretty Store. As you can see in the package they are wrapped in a foil, I don't know how many pieces because I didn't count them, but enough for a lot of manicures! 


I choose the shinny golden ones that are quite flexible and thin and don't foul in anything. This time I didn't used nail glue I just put in on my nails before the polish dried completely. This way the studs don't stayed very long on my nails, they feel off after a few hours but with a little bit of nail glue, I am sure they would stay on the nails for quite a long time.

All in all I like these studs very much, the quality of them is very good and I can imagine it to use it in many different forms even to decorate my phone case!
If you like these beautiful rhombus shaped studs you can find them here or just look up for Born Pretty Store site because you will definitely going to find something that will fulfill your wishes! 

You can use my discount code from bellow, for a 10% off of your purchase!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter H

I wanted to try from a very long time a half moon mani, so here is the time for it.
I used two beautiful polishes from Moyra - nr.912 Gel look, which is a light purple colored polish with an amazing shine. The formula was a little bit liquiform, I applied it quite hard because it run on the side of my nails. 
The second Moyra polish is the dark purple, Suede nr. 505. On the pictures the suede effect is not visible because I used a top coat, but I can tell you that the polish is beautiful and at the sunlight it has a dark blue shimmer.

Because I love decals, for an elegant touch I thought to add the white Stylish Butterfly Owl Patterned one from the Born Pretty Store. With the black ones I made an another mani, you can look up for it here.

Look up for the other girls work, I am sure they made very creative manicure's:
 If you like the decals you can find it here and if you purchase something from the Born Pretty Store you can use my discount code from below!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Beautiful hand made jewelry's and a giveaway (RO only)

De data aceasta o sa am o postare mai aparte fata de cum v-am obisnuit. Cei care ma cunosc mai bine, stiu ca sunt o mare fana a bijuteriilor, iar daca sunt hand made, atunci mi se par mult mai speciale.

Azi am creat o manichiura inspirata de o bijuterie pe care am primit-o cadou de la Zana Margeluta. Acest site este ca un paradis pentru toti cei care doresc sa-si creeze singuri bijuterii, pentru ca aici gasesti margele si accessorii pentru toate ideile tale. Din pacate eu nu am rabdarea necesara sa-mi alcatuiesc singura colierele sau bratarile, asa ca am fost foarte incantata cand proprietara site-ului Zana Margeluta mi-a oferit acest superb set de bijuterii!

Sper ca va placut acest accesoriu si manichiura inspirata de ea si daca aveti idei mai originale si mai interesante vizitati site-ul unde puteti alege din miile de margele, pietre, perle, pandative si alte accesorii pentru bijuteria voastra personalizata!

Si ca aceasta postare sa fie si mai speciala Zana Margeluta si eu ne-am gandit sa va oferim un mic giveaway de vara. Toti cei care a o adresa de corespondenta in Romania pot participa la acest concurs. Premiile sunt:

Pentru a castiga, completeaza refflectorul de mai jos.

Castigatorul va fi desemnat radom si va avea la dispozitie 24 de ore pentru a-mi trimite toate datele, din momentul in care este anuntat. 

Eu si Zana Margeluta asteptam cu mult drag inscrierile voastre. 

Va urez mult bafta!

Rog castigatorii sa trimita adresa, nr. de telefon la adresa de e-mail Daca nu le voi primii in 24 de ore voi alege alti castigatori. Multumesc pentru intelegere!


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter G

For the letter G, I found on the web a fantastic gala gown and thought to make the dress pattern on my nails, but the result is not what I expected. I am not very satisfied with this mani but I will share it with you.

For the base I used Me Me Me nail polish 33 Champagne in two coats. Although the color is very pretty the formula is quite thin, however after application and a complete dry the surface of it is very vulnerable to scratches, so it needs a generous top coat for a proper seal! For the nail art I used two acrylic colors, a red and a dark brown one. I mixed them together to obtain the same color that appears on the dress too.

Have you tried any nail polishes from Me Me Me?

I am going to check the other girls creative work now:

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Born Pretty Store stamping plate review

Hello lovely ladies.

Today I will show you a great stamping plate that I received from the Born Pretty Store. This plate contains fashionable prints that are suitable for small and larger nails too. I choose to make two designs, one with the delicate small flowers and the second one with the small leafs.

The plate came with a thin protective foil on it, after removing it I applied the desired polish color on the chosen pattern and I used a scrapper to remove the excessive polish. I pressed the stamper on the plate and I received the transfer. The plate is well engraved but in some places the stamped pattern does not transfer completely, or it appears faded. After stamping I applied a thin top coat to seal the beautiful patterns.

At this second mani the transfer was not successfully, but I have to mention that it was a hot day and the polish I used dried extremely fast.

Overall, even though I'm not an expert on stamping but I know enough about it to be able to say that this plate works well. On the Born Pretty Store you can find this plate here for a fantastic price and free shipping and if you don't like particularly this patterns I am sure you will find something on the site that suites your wishes. And if you do, please don't forget to use my discount code for 10% off of your purchase!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter F

I am so excited about this challenge that I always prepare my manicures with days before to be sure that I don't miss any letter! We are at letter F and this time I didn't thought much about the theme because I was very determined to use some of my FEATHER decals that I've bought from quite a long time!

For this mani I used Peacock Blue from Yves Rocher which is a gorgeous teal cream that applies like a dream in two coats. It is a very smooth formula, the color is stunning, it is easy to apply and covers nicely. All in all a great color to have in any collection! On my accent nails I used a white base and applied the green gold peacock feathers.

And here are all the girls who participate to this challenge:

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