Thursday, November 27, 2014

Winter is coming

My dear fellow blogger Andreea Ditta's Nail Design & Art, has a fantastic international nail art contest together with MoYou Nails, with the theme Winter is coming. Of course I didn't wanted to miss this one and that's why I made a manicure inspired by a picture, found on the internet.

But first I want to show you the most beautiful cream blue polish I have in my collection, called Australis Nail Colour - Sky's the Limit. I won this one in a Facebook giveaway by SoNalicious.

This is a bright and opaque colour, I applied it streak free in two layers. The formula is very easy to use and it dries fast! So, it was a perfect choice for my winter looking manicure.

The nail art is made with acrylic colors, a thin brush and a dotting tool.

It is not a perfect copy of the image I found, but I like the outcome of it. 
What is your opinion, are my nails prepared for the winter or not?

If you want to participate to this nail art contest, you have the time until the 1 December. You can find details HERE.

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Coffee with carob

Hello ladies.

Let's start this day with a coffee. I am not a big coffee drinker but if it is a special one, not the usual espresso, I like to enjoy a cup, at lest once a week. I like to prepare it myself at home and I wil share a simple recipe with you today. 
espresso, the quantity you preffere
150 ml soya milk, or regular milk
1 frozen banana
1 spoon of chocolate. I used a carob cream, this is the healthiest version. 

Take all the above mentioned ingredients and mix it in a powerful blender until it becomes a smooth drink. You can add different kind of toppings on it. I used coconut cream.

The carob powder in general is used as a substitute for cocoa powder or chocolate in cakes, cookies and candies. The product I used called BIO all green contains carob and hazelnut, so it was perfect for my cold coffee drink.

Carob improves digestion and lowers cholesterol level in the blood. Since it does not contain caffeine, it benefits people with high blood pressure.

This is the coconut cream I used as a topping.

It was a super delicious coffee and a very healthy one too! 
What kind of coffee do you drink usually? Please tell me your recipe if you have one!

Thank you very much for stopping buy!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Born Pretty Store flower decals

For a while ago I won some decals from the Born Pretty Store. One of them is this pretty retro flower pattern, that I used as accent nails in my today's manicure. I thought it will go perfectly together with a polish I bought in my summer holiday called Boulevard.

This small little bottle was so cheep that I couldn't live it in the store, it cost 0,50 euro. But now I know why it was so cheep, the formula is horrible, it is runny and it took ages to dry and after 24 hours the polish chipped from my nails, even if I used a clear top coat on it. Oh, yes and the sent of it is strong and very bad. I am really sorry about it, because I like the elegant shade of it. Do you know this brand? It is made in Germany, but this is the first time and of course the last one that I buy it. If you know it, please tell me your experience with it.

At least the decals cheered up this mani, because they are absolutely lovely and very easy to use. The size of it is perfect for longer nails too and it works in seconds after leaving it in the water! I used a white base for it.

I would have enjoyed to keep this design on my nails for a much longer time, but because of the chipping I had to clean it off to soon!

If you like the decals, you can find them here. Visit the Born Pretty Store for nail art and other interesting stuff too and use my discount code from below for any of your purchase!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Busy days, simple manicures

Hello lovely ladies

I am very sorry that I can not visit each of your blogs, but this period of time is extremely busy for me. I have a few manicures made a while back, I hope I am going to have a little bit of time to post them. Today a very simple one, just a two polish combination. 

Flormar Sugar Candy - Lime Bonbon: First I thought that I am buying a textured polish, because of the name of it, but this is a glossy smooth surface polish. I applied this beautiful lime green/gold shimmer polish in three coats, because in one or two coats it was to sheer for me. The formula is very easy to work with, so definitely I am going to try other colors too, from this collection! 

Moyra - Sugar Sand, No. 868 Brown Sugar is a pretty and elegant textured polish that is similar to brown sugar. I applied it in two coats and it dried very fast!

The second day I thought to stamp on the green polish a subtle pattern with a gold metallic polish by Maybelline. I really liked the fine effect.

Before I finish my post I will show you some photos I mad last weekend at the first Transylvania International Design & Fashion Fair (TIDAFF) organized here in my country. 

The blue bag caught my eyes!

This is a lovely multifunctional necklace made by Gabriela Popescu a blogger from my town.

I am together with Lajtar Csilla a very talented designer. I love her work.
This is a fun picture I made together with my friend.
Have a great day and thank you very much for you comments, I appreciate each of them!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Autumn and Winter Holidays Challenge - Grapes Picking

Last weekend I skipped the challenge because I was on a trip to Hungary, but from this a little bit later. 

Now, I want to show you my interpretation for the theme Grapes Picking, it is a little bit abstract but this was the perfect time to try to make decals. I used the below seen polishes and painted two layers of black polish on a clear film and I didn't waited until it dried, I add on it a few drops of different shade of blues and red polishes. For the grape leafs I added a little bit of green too. I let them dry and add them on my nails with the help of a tweezer and finished with a clear top coat.

This is how they looked on the cut clear film

Now I can say that I tried this technique too, but I think that painting on the nails directly it is much easier. I am curious if you like my design and if you ever tried to make such kind of decals and what was your experience with it?

Let's see what the other girls from the group made:
  1. Oana -
  2. Gabriela -
  3. Ana Maria
  4. Iulia -
  5. Rita -
  6. Andreea -
  7. Mihaela -
  8. Deyutza
  9. Andrea -
  10. TEO -
  11. Kinga -
Before I finish this post I want to show you a few photos I made last weekend in the beautiful town, Gyula, Hungary. This was the first time I went there. It is a beautiful, calm little town and it is best known for its medieval castle and a thermal bath. If you have the chance go and visit it!

The Medieval Castle
The interior of the castle is absolutely amazing, each room holds a surprise. I made a lot of pictures there, it was hard to choose just a few one to show you.

Nadi Boldogasszony Church
We ate in an amazing location in the heart of the town, the walls were full with posters of rock legends and stars and of course amazing guitars. I am sorry that I don't know the story of this pub/restaurant.

I am not a big coffee drinker, but now and than I like to drink one if it is special and not just an usual espresso. Well, in Gyula I found a small little coffee shop, called Bokody Kavemuhely near to a small river (Eloviz Csatorna) and I spent an hour in the company of my lovely daughter and husband and a great Limoncello Espresso. It was a little bit strong coffee for me, but very delicious one!

If you have the opportunity to visit this great town, I recommend you and go and spend a little bit time in the Aqua Palate too, because I am sure you will have a lot of fun there!

I wish you all an amazing weekend!


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