Monday, October 24, 2016

Birthday nails

Hello ladies. I miss blogging and making my nails a lot, but I simply can not manage my time. I gave this post the title birthday nails, but I will tell you a secret, my nails were naked on my birthday. I just had in mind this nail art that I am showing you today for my birthday and I finally painted them on this last weekend.

The nail art is very easy to do, because they are made with the wonderful flower stickers from the Born Pretty Store, that I have received recently to review. I love the artistic looking small flowers. They are sticky with adhesive on the back side, so when you put it on your painted nails they can not be replaced like water-decals. You don't need to cut out these stickers, just take a tweezers and with a little bit of patience take it off the paper sheet and add it on your nails! Finish it with a top coat.

Which manicure do you prefer better? 

If you like the flower stickers as I do you can find it here and not just this one, because there are many more pretty patterns and they are all on sale. One sheet costs just 0,99$. You can use my bellow seen discount code if you wish. Have a great day and thank you for stopping by! 


Monday, October 10, 2016

Pink October with Born Pretty Store

Hello lovely ladies, how are you these days?

I am trying to manage my time, and at least once a week to do my nails, but until now everything is quite chaotic in my life. But I couldn't let passing October without making a breast cancer awareness manicure. I also received some nice products from the Born Pretty Store and with this occasion I reviewed the big clear jelly stamper with metallic handle

OK, with what should I start? I wrote a very long post about my breast cancer story, I wrote down how awful the period of my treatment was, but finally I deleted it because it sounded terrifying and I don't wanted to scare anyone with my problems. But, still, breast cancer or any other type of cancer can be extremely scary. I just want to advise you, to go at least once in a year and make a check up, it does not hurt and it can save you're life. Belive me, it's better, than go through a terrible treatment, that lasts for a long time and changes your whole life. At the Oncology Hospital, where I go, are many, many young woman that found out suddenly that they have breast cancer and now they go through a period of time where hope is the most powerful feeling that keep them alive! I meat teachers, accountants, seamstresses, even doctors, who suffer from the same disease, so it doesn't matter who you are, how old you are, cancer can destroy your life. 

With my today's nail art I want to raise awareness!

I used for my nail art Essence - 106 Free Hugs which is a baby pink cream shade with a strong vibrant effect and Jade Delirio Rosa, a beautiful holographic nail polish. I stamped on two of my nails a white ribbon pattern from the BP-26  plate with the new clear jelly stamper. 

The stamper is a little bit different than the ones I've tried until now, it has a metallic handle and a plastic protection cap. It comes with two small scrappers.

The diameter of the stamper is approximately 36 mm and it's not to firm, but not very squish either, as a marshmallow stamper. It picks up the images with a light rolling motion in no-time and with the big magnifying glass on the other and you will see perfectly the place to stamp the image.  

I am very glad that I tried this stamper, it works perfectly and a big plus for me it is the big magnifying glass that helps a lot to control where my stamping goes. These kind of clear stampers can be very fragile, so clean them with a sticky tape and not with acetone because it can make it cloudy! If you like this sticky clear stamper you can find it HERE and now it is on SALE at a very low price, so don't miss it. If you purchase anything from the Born Pretty Store you're welcome to use my bellow seen discount code.  

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Chrome effect powder

Do you remember my Banggood review post from here, when I mentioned that I ordered a chrome effect powder but maybe it got lost and I didn't received it, well, surprise, it finally arrived and today I am going to show you how it works. It became a big hit to use pigments with which you can achieve perfect mirror-like chrome effects, so I was very curious if the one provided by Banggood works the same way!

On the site you can find several colors from this Magic Mirror Chrome Effect Metallic Powder, but I choose the silver one to test it. The quantity of the chrome powder is 2g put in a small black bottle, which seems not much first, but thanks to the sponge tool that I got with it, application was easy and you can put exactly the needed amount and this way you save a lot of powder.

These kind of pigments work just on gel nails/UV nail polishes. You prepare your nails, add a layer of base coat, cure, than choose any color gel nails polish and apply in two coats if necessary (I used white from Cupio), cure and than with the help of the sponge or a silicone tool or even a glove apply with pressure and rub the powder in the sticky surface until it's perfectly smooth. Clean any excess product from around the nails using a nail brush and after it use a top coat and cure. Remove the stick layer and you have a shiny manicure. 

Now my opinion about the pigment, as you can see in the images I didn't obtained that mirror like effect that I wished, the nail surface has a lot of shimmers and a simple chrome effect that you can obtain with any regular shimmer nail polish. But all in all the powder looks good on the nails and it resists under just one layer of top coat. I have it on my nails from more than a week and it looks exactly like the first day I put it on.

Many of you already asked me if this pigment works on regular nail polish. As I mentioned before, unfortunately no. I tested for you ladies, by painting a black regular nail polish on a nail wheel and after a few minutes of drying I added the powder. Well, you can see the effect of it in the pictures on the right side. The left side is the powders effect on a dark UV nail polish without a top coat on it. Here the mirror effect is much stronger, but adding the top coat changes everything, the shimmer appears

If you like this product you can find it HERE and many other pretty colors and a lot of nail art products at reasonable prices. Just check the Banggood site.  

Did you ever used such kind of pigments? What is your experience with it?


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