Saturday, February 27, 2016

February's Nails Challenge - Gradient

This month final challenge theme is gradient and I made a very simple manicure with my absolute favorite color, green. I used two new nail polishes from my stash, a light green shade from Technic - Pretty Pastels, Picnic and I combined it with the gorgeous Milani 511 HI-TECH holographic nail polish, that I received from my lovely friend Oana. This is not a dramatic gradient, but I like it this way. I painted on my pointer finger nail with white acrylic paint some lines that look like corals and added a few rhinestones on it. 

I used a fun new tool I received from the Born Pretty Store, a mini nail art palette ring. First I was skeptical about it and I thought that it is useless and it will discomfort me, but I realized that it facilitates the work. The benefit of having this ring is that you can keep the paint closer to your nails. The diameter of the ring is not so big, it is close to a coin size (Romania - a little bit bigger than 50 bani) and it is adjustable for any finger size. It contains a little plastic recipient for water too, but I have to mention that this one is keep falling out indifferent on witch finger I put the ring. 

I find the ring to small for mixing the colors on it and I think for a brush stroke nail art it won't be appropriate, but if you make simple nail designs, this is a fun tool for sure. If you like this product, you can find it here and you're welcome to use my discount code seen bellow!

Let's see the wonderful gradients the girls from the TPA group made: 
  1. Mădălina -
  2. Oana -
  3. Andra Kat -
  4. Madalina -
  5. Cristina -
  6. Mihaela -
  7. Alina -
  8. Corina-
  9. Deyutza -
  10. Andreea M -
  11. Iulia Maria -
  12. Sophie -
  13. Andrea -

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fish scale nail stencil

I received recently some nail stencils from the Born Pretty Store and I was anxious to try them, because I saw a lot of fantastic looking nail art done with this product by other bloggers. 

First when I read the 'how to use' indications on the package I was a little bit confused because it is mentioned that they are holo stickers, good for UV nail art. Well, this product is versatile enough to be used as I did, as a helpful nail vinyl tool or you can add it as a simple sticker on the nails. They are thin enough to last for a few days under a thick top coat, but definitely under a gel cover they would last even a month!

I painted one coat form the black Yves Rocher nail polish on my nails and after it dried very good I put up the nail stencil and dabbed ILNP Neon Rosebud with a sponge on it. I removed the stencil with the help of a tweezers and .... drum rolls, I achieved a beautiful fish scale pattern in no time on my nails! 

After using this nail vinyl I can tell you as a tip, to put before use the sticky part on your skin, because it can easily take off the base nail polish from the nails after removing the stencil. All in all it is an easy to use nail art tool and with the help of it you can achieve patterns that otherwise are hard to paint. You can find this particular vinyl here and now it is on sale, so just go on the Born Pretty Store and grab it for yourself! You're welcome to use my bellow seen discount code! 

How do you like the outcome of my nail art? Did you used such kind of nail vinyls? 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

February's Nail Challenge - Favorite Glitter

Today I have a very simple and elegant looking nail art, because our challenge is all about glitter. I supposed to show you my favorite glitter polish, but I have so many that I couldn't choose exactly the one I love the most. This is why I decided to take one out of my stash that I never used before, and this is The Living Daylights by OPI - Skyfall collection.  This nail polish has a clear base full of medium hexagonal glitter in silver, teal and orange color. These glitter particles add sophistication to this polish so I created a simple and elegant looking manicure. I added the glitter on the tip of my nails, over a nude shade by Ted Baker. I found my mani incomplete just with these two nail polishes and I added a little bit of plus sparkle with the silver holo by Flormar.

I think this manicure came out glamorous and even if for the daily use it was to much, I wore it with joy! Now let's see the sparkly nail of the girls from The Polish Addict group:

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tangerine with a modern twist

Today I have a very bright manicure to show you, that I absolutely loved how it came out. I used Rimmel Tangerine Tent, which is an extremely bright orange shade...makes me wish it would be summer!

The formula of this polish is very runny and hard to work with. You can see two coats on my nails, that I applied with the wide brush from the bottle. It dried fast to a glossy finish. In the pictures you can see it with a clear top coat on it. 

Of course I couldn't live just one color on my nails, so on two of them I put a stylish woman figure and a lip water decal in orange and black shades on a simple white base. How do you like the outcome? This is absolutely me, and I really needed this mani after all the red shades I used recently!

I hope you enjoyed my today's manicure. Do you like to wear orange polishes? Do you own this one from Rimmel?

Saturday, February 13, 2016

February's Nails Challenge - Valentine

Hello ladies, today is the usual TPA challenge day and the theme is Valentine. I think that my today's manicure is not a good one, these kind of themes do not represent me and maybe because of it, I didn't put enough effort to make a cute, cheesy or an adorable manicure.

I used two polishes, the pink shimmery one is from Collection 2000, but the name of it has peeled off, so I don't know what it is and the blue one is essence - Jeans Sugar - Blue-jeaned. I thought that this nail polish is textured, but it has a suede effect which is beautiful in my opinion and not gritty at all. The formula is great and it dries fast. In the pictures you can see two coats.

I stamped a LOVE inscribed pattern from the Moyra Celebration plate on the pink base, but it was to big to be visible on my whole nail. I definitely don't like it, and the thin lines, didn't transfer clear on my nails. 

Sorry girls for this total fail nail art, and of course my time was so limited that I couldn't make an another one for this theme.

Let's see the beautiful manicures the girls form The Polish Addict Group has done:
  1. Mădălina -
  2. Oana -
  3. Gabi -
  4. Alina -
  5. Cristina -
  6. Claudia -
  7. Andreea M
  8. Andrea -
  9. Iulia Maria -
  10. Deyutza -
  11.  Sophie -
  12. Mihaela -
  13. Andra Kat-
  14. Madalina -
  15. Violeta - 
  16. Taitzel
 Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Born Pretty Store thermal polish review

Thermal polishes are so mysterious for me and this is why I love them to wear. This period of time is perfect to use such kind of nail polishes especially when you have a little bit longer nails. Today I am going to show you one that was sent to me by the Born Pretty Store, it is called MY-DEAR C12 which is a wine red shade in the bottle.

The nail polish bottle (6 ml) and brush is small but I didn't had any problem to work with it. The formula is OK not to thick, not to runny and in the pictures you can see two layers on my nails without a top coat. It dies surprisingly quick to a matte cream finish which I like very much.

Now about the color change, the polish is red when the hands are warm and it turns to marsala, a red brown shade when it becomes cold. The change is not so visible and I struggled a lot to capture the real color tones with my camera. Recently I made a review for a similar nail polish here and I was very pleased with the gorgeous color change, but in this case the color tones are so close that the effect is not so surprising! But those of you who like red shades and preparing the nails for Valentines Day, this is a very feminine and elegant nail polish and you can find it here and you're welcome to use my below seen discount code for any of your purchase!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

February's Nails Challenge - Red

The collaboration continues and this month there will be a lot of loved themed manicures. Today we all have to use red...well, not my kind of color but I grabbed my glittery Zoya - Jade nail polish and made again a Valentine Day's nail art.

As I mentioned above I don't like to wear red, but this nail polish with the jelly base is so interesting and elegant that I had to add it to my collection. I already used it in another of our collaborations here and I think every time when I am in the mood to use a red shade this will be the polish I will put on my nails. Jade is easy to apply and with every layer you will get more and more glitter fun. I'm wearing three coats in the pictures, except on the stamping decal.

Let's see how the girls used their red nail polishes:
  1. Mădălina -
  2. Oana -
  3. Madalina -
  4. Andra Kat -
  5. Roxi -
  6. Gabi -
  7. Iulia Maria -
  8. Cristina -
  9. Violeta

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Clear jelly stamper

Recently I've got a huge surprise, the Born Pretty Store sent me a gift pack which included the new clear jelly stamper that is so wanted by many nail art addicts. I am thankful that I have it, because this product is a big innovation and help for anyone. Yeeey, no more skew or misplaced patterns!

I received the clear handle stamper, together with the scrapper. The stamper head is made off clear jelly that allows to see through the end and place exactly where you're desire your image. I want to mention that this is the first stamper that picks up the image without needing a gentle surface filing!

I was in the mood to make a girly manicure and this is why I used the cream pink shade from Marionnaud - Rose aux joues, that I received for my birthday from my lovely friend Oana. I added a layer of black and white glitter polish on my middle finger nail and on my thumb and ring finger nail I used my new stamper by adding a text and with a black stamped love couple from the BP-L016 stamping plate. I like the outcome a lot! How about you?

All in all, if you have problems with stamping, have hard time placing patterns where you want I assure you, that this jelly stamper is perfect for you! Even if you are professional in a nail salon or just a nail addict, I think this stamper is a big help, because you have to admit, with a usual stamper sometimes you messed up your alignment or misplaced the patterns. Thank you Born Pretty Store for sending me this stamper. If you want it, just grab it here and you can use my 10% discount code from bellow!



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