Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Stamped accent nail

As you can see I post less and less and yes, my nails are unpainted laity because I simply don't have time to care for them :( I have very important changes in my life and they became priority for me! Approximately until September or October you will see very few post's from me, maybe weekly one if I manage to do it. Sorry about it!

Here is one I wore from about two weeks ago. I have a lot of unused nail polishes in my stash and this is one of them, so I had to take it out to the light. I didn't heard about this brand, so when I saw it I had to buy it: Andrea Fulerton - Flip Flop French Duo 'Millie'. As you can see it is a double nail polish thought for french manicure and yes, it has a very thin brush perfect for this kind of nail art, but, I used it the usual way and I liked the outcome a lot. 'Millie' consists of a bright orange shade, and a holographic lilac to use as an overcoat. I put it on white.

How do you like this bright color and stamped accent nail?

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