Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Matching manicure to an outfit

Hello lovely ladies.

I usually browse fashion blogs and sites and if I see an outfit that inspires me I save it to my phone and try to make a matching manicure to it. In the pictures below, you will see an interesting and very futuristic looking dress from Versace. It was a challenge for me to recreate the shapes to my nails.

I took out from my stash a light blue polish from American Apparel - The Valley and a cream white polish from Flormar - Pure Milk. The challenge was to recreate the black lace looking fabric. The most simple thing was to stamp it on my nails, so I just did it and after drying I painted the blue and white shapes on it. I am not very pleased wit the result, maybe it would have been looked better if I used a striping tape, but because lack of time, I preferred to make it freehand.

What is your opinion about it?

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by!

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