Monday, October 24, 2016

Birthday nails

Hello ladies. I miss blogging and making my nails a lot, but I simply can not manage my time. I gave this post the title birthday nails, but I will tell you a secret, my nails were naked on my birthday. I just had in mind this nail art that I am showing you today for my birthday and I finally painted them on this last weekend.

The nail art is very easy to do, because they are made with the wonderful flower stickers from the Born Pretty Store, that I have received recently to review. I love the artistic looking small flowers. They are sticky with adhesive on the back side, so when you put it on your painted nails they can not be replaced like water-decals. You don't need to cut out these stickers, just take a tweezers and with a little bit of patience take it off the paper sheet and add it on your nails! Finish it with a top coat.

Which manicure do you prefer better? 

If you like the flower stickers as I do you can find it here and not just this one, because there are many more pretty patterns and they are all on sale. One sheet costs just 0,99$. You can use my bellow seen discount code if you wish. Have a great day and thank you for stopping by! 


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