Thursday, October 15, 2015

Black dots

The last two weeks were extremely busy and I didn't wanted to run with naked nails around, so I opted to use two polishes with black glitter particles, Lovely - Pastel Pepper #1 and Flormar Back Dot 05.

Lovely - Pastel Pepper gets opaque in one coat and has a wonderful coral red shade full with tiny black particles. It dries fast and stays on 5 days without chipping. 

Flormar - Black Dot is a wonderful pastel blue shade full with matte black, big and tiny glitters. I added 3 coats, because I didn't liked how it covered. It dries fast but after 2 days it started to chip of my nails. 

Both of them are very hard to remove, but with a good acetone it works and in my opinion all the effort is worth it! Look at both of them how beautiful they are. 

On my middle finger I added a flower decal and finished my mani with a quick dry top coat from Moyra.

How do you like the polishes? How about the mani, do you prefer it with or without the flower decal? 

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