Friday, October 30, 2015

BONI polish review

Maybe some of you saw on social media sites that I received recently some products from the Born Pretty Store for review. I love them all and the most curious I was about a new candy like polish called BONI. On the Born Pretty Store site you can choose form 6 wonderful pastel shades, I liked the most #014 which is a light milky cream mint green shade loaded with big and small colorful hex and round glitters. 

Not just the color attracted me, the bottle design too. Love the shape of it and the added lace piece, makes it look fancy and elegant.

I few words about the quality of this BONI - ice cream shimmering polish. I applied the polish in one coat, because I found it very thick and the glitter particles did not found their places. The problem was that in one coat this polish was very stripy and did not cover as I like, so I tried it with two coats, but unfortunately it was to much and it dried very slowly. The surface of the nails were bumpy and the glitter particles didn't get even. I used a top coat but nothing changed, my nails did not get smooth. I like though how the multi color glitter particles pop against the pastel background! 

One coat without top coat

One coat with top coat
Two coats with top coat

All in all this polish is not for everyone, but I think the fans of cute and girly manicures and packaging will love it. The pastel shade is appropriate for spring and summer but if you like to make a cupcake nail art this is a polish for you! The formula isn’t going to amaze you, but it is a wearable nail polish!

Have you tried any polish from this collection? What did you think about them?

If you like any nail art stuff from the Born Pretty Store your welcome to use my bellow seen discount code! 

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