Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Clear jelly stamper

Recently I've got a huge surprise, the Born Pretty Store sent me a gift pack which included the new clear jelly stamper that is so wanted by many nail art addicts. I am thankful that I have it, because this product is a big innovation and help for anyone. Yeeey, no more skew or misplaced patterns!

I received the clear handle stamper, together with the scrapper. The stamper head is made off clear jelly that allows to see through the end and place exactly where you're desire your image. I want to mention that this is the first stamper that picks up the image without needing a gentle surface filing!

I was in the mood to make a girly manicure and this is why I used the cream pink shade from Marionnaud - Rose aux joues, that I received for my birthday from my lovely friend Oana. I added a layer of black and white glitter polish on my middle finger nail and on my thumb and ring finger nail I used my new stamper by adding a text and with a black stamped love couple from the BP-L016 stamping plate. I like the outcome a lot! How about you?

All in all, if you have problems with stamping, have hard time placing patterns where you want I assure you, that this jelly stamper is perfect for you! Even if you are professional in a nail salon or just a nail addict, I think this stamper is a big help, because you have to admit, with a usual stamper sometimes you messed up your alignment or misplaced the patterns. Thank you Born Pretty Store for sending me this stamper. If you want it, just grab it here and you can use my 10% discount code from bellow!


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