Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Sometime I prefer to keep my nails simple and wear just a single nail polish color, or maybe just two, so I tought I will show you today some swatches I made last year.

JADE - Delirio Rosa
JADE - Irresistivel
JADE - Magia
JADE - Psicodelica
I recived these beauties from my dear friend Adriana, who has an Instagram account here. Just check her nails because she is amazing!

 JADE is a Brazilian brand with an amazing formula, thin and easy to apply. All of these holo polishes are not fully opaque in one coat, but in two or three gives a perfect coverage. The brush is small round and very easy to use!
GOLDEN ROSE - Jolly Jewels 122
This is Golden Rose #122 from the Jolly Jewels collection. It’s quite a unique polish as it combines big hex silver glitters to a golden shimmer. After aplication my first reaction was 'this is the Mother of all glitter polishes', it has an amzing shine! It is a quitze sheer polish so it must be applied at least in two coats!

Catrice Crocodile Cracker
I know that crackle polishes are not IN these days, but when I bought the Catrice Crocodile Cracker, I thought it will work as promised with a crocodile skin effect, well you see the results above, it is an usual crackle polish, nothing special, but I like it how it looks! 

P2 Lovesome, Sand style
I am a big fan of textured polishes and this was the first one that I tried, I won it form the beautiful Diana, By Dee Make-up, thank you again for this amazing polish! Lovesome, is a bright pink with gold and magenta glitter particles polish. The formula is fantastic and very easy to work with and it dries matte textured with sparkles.

MOYRA No. 99
MOYRA no. 99 is a very sheer and light colored polish, to achieve the coverage seen above it had to be applied in four coats. This polish gives the impression that it is a holographic one but it isn’t. 

I am curious which one is your favorite and if you tried any of these polishes?


  1. Sunt superbe. Imi plac toate, mai ales primele trei.

  2. Vai, vai! Cele de la Jade sunt superbe, de vis!

  3. Cele Jade sunt superbe !

  4. Toate sunt frumoase, frumoase.
    Jade - Magia arata magic. ;))

  5. Wow what an amazing post filled with so much lovely polishes! Magia by Jade is my favourite :)

  6. Ooo! Sunt superbe! Cele de la Jade si ultima Moyra, sunt absolut demetiale.

  7. Beautiful swatches. My favourite is GOLDEN ROSE - Jolly Jewels 122

  8. Hi Andrea!
    They are all wonderful! I cannot choose only one of them! =)
    The last one has an interesting effect.
    Kisses my dear, an thank you very much for your visits and comments!


  9. Wow cat sunt de frumoase ♥

  10. Oh - wow - what a lot of gorgeous swatches!
    I love especially the Jade polishes - so gorgeous - and MOYRA no. 99 is amazingly interesting!

  11. ojele Jade sunt mortale ♥♥♥
    foarte tare profilul Adrianei!!!

  12. OMG, so many gorgeous nail arts!! Love the pink one!

  13. Quite difficult to pick a favourite... maybe Irresistivel and Jolly Jewels would be the top two!

  14. JADE - Magia is just simply amazing!

  15. I have a couple of Jolly Jewels and also a couple of the P2 sands. They're really cool polishes. I also love the Jades :)

  16. Foarte frumoase toate ojele dar cele holografice de la Jade ma incanta

  17. I love the look of the Jade holos, they're so pretty

  18. Toate au nume potrivite, JADE - Irresistivel... e superba!

  19. O multime de manichiuri superbe :)

  20. Dear Andrea, I don't know how happy I am to know that you like the nail polishes!!!!
    I love all swatches and the last one is my favorite!!!

  21. I love all of them! Magia is my favourite :)

  22. Waouh! Amazing swatches =)
    I love JADE - Delirio Rosa!!

  23. Superbe toate! Simplitatea e frumoasa!

  24. I love them and my favourites are Jade Magia! :-)

  25. I own those three's hard to pick a favourite I love all holos!

    Have you tried the Moyra over a black base? I have a similar one, also very sheer on its own but over black looks amazing.

  26. Wow, the holo on those Jades is amazing! Definitely need to try some of those. ^_^

  27. These all look very pretty, and I haven't tried any of them. I think MOYRA no. 99 is the most beautiful polish I've ever seen.



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