Thursday, April 12, 2018

Butterfly manicure

You already know that my favorite color is green and I relay had mood for it so I used a P2 Volume Gloss nail polish - 510 scheme architect. I am talking about a mint green shade which dries quite quickly and gets opaque in two coats. The polish has a wide brush which makes the application easy but, I have to mention I found the polish a little bit runny. I combined the polish with an older one from my stash, which I have never used it until now called Dot's FAN #545, which I completely love. Again it is a green nail polish full with round black and white glitter particles. On my ring-fingernail I painted freehand a butterfly with acrylic paint combined with the above mentioned nail polishes.

I like how the combination and design turned out even if I have a lot to work on my freehand painting skills. Please avoid looking at my dry cuticles and hands, the weather change is harmful for my hands and nails even if I use hydrating cream or not. My nails are much shorter too because they became sensitive. 

Thanks for stopping by and tell me your opinion about this spring manicure!

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