Saturday, March 8, 2014

T.P.A Group Challenge: #25. Asian letters

This time I did my best not to miss this week’s challenge, I prepared my nails in time. It was quite a challenge because I never made something similar, so I hope you will like what I have created.

I used: Revlon - Vixen for the base and I stamped with a white Konad polish my index and pinky finger with an Asian letter (I wish I would know what kind of letter it is). On my other nails I painted with white, pink and black acrylic paint a few lines and flowers, imitating cherry blossoms. 

The stamping plate is from KK CenterHk and you can find it here.

About Revlon Vixen I can tell you that it is a rich, beautiful, vampy red color with a creamy finish. I understood from other bloggers that this polish is a dupe of Chanel Vamp, but I cannot confirm it because I never used Chanel. 

The application is smooth, though I needed 2 coats in order to not have streaks. 

Here are the other girls, who participated to this challenge, 
so do check their creations!

  1. Oana -
  2. Oana -
  3. Rita -
  4. Iulia -
  5. Madalina -
  6. Teo -


  1. Un model deosebit. Culoarea ojei imi place mult.

  2. Hi Andrea. I am delighted with the nail art. Wonderful.

  3. Wow! I really like it!
    Kisses my dear, have a nice weekend!


  4. I like this Asian inspired nail art. Very well executed as always! Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Nice stamping! I like also the base colour, it looks elegant! :-)

  6. Arata foarte bine. Eu nu sunt deloc talentată în ale unghiilor.

  7. Woww..........wonderful nail art, congrats for the amazing job here! You're so creative and talented, I wish I could do that! Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope you have a happy week<3


    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

  8. Impecabila! Ca de obicei!
    Imi lace la nebunie. :)

  9. you did an amazing job with this manicure! :)



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