Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Née Jolie stamping plate review

I don't know if you heard about Née Jolie stamping plates, for me definitely was something new and I was glad to find them on the Born Pretty Store site. I received for review two plates from this brand and today I am going to show you one which has mandala like patterns. I am talking about Née Jolie Rectangle Stamping Plate NJX-010.

The plate comes in a cardboard sleeve, exactly like the Born Pretty Store ones, and it is covered with the blue silicone wrap for protection. The size of the plate is approximately 12x6cm and contains 8 big patterns. For my first nail art I used the transparent silicone stamping had and I had absolutely no problem to pick up the images and put it on my nails. The patterns are quite big, so they are perfect for long or wide nails. I made two manicures and I am curious which of the nail art do you prefer better!

Nail polishes I used: Topshop NAILS - Amethyst, OPI -Nicole - Give me the 1st dance and I stamped with Barry M - Foil Effect 319

Nail polishes I used: s-he 178, Maybelline - Lookout Lemon,
beauty uk - Street Rose, Le petit cliche - Siames

As I promised in my last post I am going to continue to show you pictures from my trip. It was so hard to choose from all the photos I took, autumn can offer so many pretty things for the camera! 

We visited Europe's biggest bear sanctuary called Liberty. This sanctuary was created in 2005 by a wonderful woman who's dream was to rescue as many bears as possible, who became tourist attraction or circus clowns. The sanctuary has now 82 bears and they are all free and happy on a 70 hectares of oak and hazel forest in the Carpathian Mountains near to the town of Zarnesti. If you have the possibility go and visit this magical place!

Unfortunately some of the bears have some hard life stories, but at least they are happy and free now! People can be heartless sometimes!

In the big wildlife we saw a wolf to. I am happy that he didn't came near to us :)

The next stop from Zarnesti was Bran and we visited the Bran Castle, so called ‘Dracula’s Castle’. I enjoyed to walk on the small secret passages in this big castle and read all the stories that make this place a tourist attraction!

Even if it was cold, nature offered us such gorgeous views that we simply forgot about the weather and enjoyed each moment of this trip!

I have more pictures to show you, but I live it for next time. And if you like the above seen stamping plate you can order it on the Born Pretty Store site HERE and you're welcome to use my bellow seen discount code. 

The plate is on SALE now, just go and grab it!


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