Thursday, September 4, 2014

Born Pretty Store polish review

I will show you today a Born Pretty Store polish called - Dazzling Magical. There are 7 shades you can choose from. I chose the 010 that is a mermaid blue with pink and green shimmer. The manufacturer tells to use this polish over a black or a white base, but I really wanted to test it on it's own. 

In one cote the polish is very sheer, you need at least 2-3 coats to get fully opaque. The final effect is a stunning shiny manicure. I struggled to capture the true color of this polish in my pictures, this is way I made a video too.

The formula of the polish is very easy to work with, but the drying time is very long, even after 1 hour my nails didn't dried completely. But this is just because I applied the polish in three coats on my nails. 

I have to mention the bottle, this is the most sexy and cute polish bottle that I have in my collection. I know that it is a copy of Nfu-Oh polishes, but still, I like them very much!

Here is how the polish looks on white and black base color!

I didn't made any #nail art on this polish because I thought that it is beautiful on it's own. 

If you like Dazzling Magical, you can find it here or just look up for any other nail related stuff or even make-up, jewelry's or many other fashionable products on the Born Pretty Store

If you buy you can also use 
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  1. beautiful shade and amazing bottle :)

  2. Oh - a very close dupe to a NfuOh bottle - and a sweet polish :)

  3. I wanted to get all of these mainly because of the bottle. Too bad that the drying time is so long.

  4. Very pretty indeed, but their make up is all tested on animals, so I'm not too keen.

  5. Very beautiful shade, indeed. I wouldn't do any art on it either. Thank you for letting me know about the reopening of the MDU shop today sweetie. I was stalking the website since Monday and I'm so happy Sylvia decided to reopen it. Ill place an order tomorrow, for sure! :-D

  6. Oh wow.

    Chiar e sclipicioasa. E prefecta pentru o manichiura legata de apa. (cel putin asa o vad eu)
    Iar in ceea ce priveste aplicarea ei peste negru : DA! arata superb.

    Sa o stapanesti (de sticluta sexi :>) sanatoasa.


  7. wow, love the way how it look on black base coat !super shine !

  8. Ce frumoasă e, peste negru arată superb! Păcat de timpul lung de uscare, dar zic eu că merită.
    Sticluța ojei chiar e frumoasă foc, vreau și eeeu! Am început să fiu tot mai atrasă de ojele cu sticluțe frumoase. :))
    Te pup!

  9. So pretty! It looks really nice on its own, a bit mermaid-ish :) It's gorgeous over black too!

  10. This is a gorgeous color. And it looks so different on black. Love it. Its nice on its own too. Its like owning 2 different nail polishes.

  11. Este superba oja, pacat de uscarea grea. Eu cred ca as purta-o peste negru, arata superb, as incerca si pe alte nuante inchise :)

  12. Amazing shade... so sparkling!!!!
    Happy friday my fashion friend!!!

    My Facebook

  13. So pretty! and it really looks fantastic over black. I need to check this out :)

  14. Even more beautiful on black, wow!

  15. nu prea imi plac mie ojele sidefate ,insa asta arata tare bine ,bate putin spre holo..zic eu,si sticluta e tare interesanta

  16. haha bps is making a lot of copies lately xD
    I especially like the polish over a black base <3

  17. Not so sure about the shade but the bottle looks very unique for sure.



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