Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pineapple smoothie

Fall is here, we need a lot of vitamins for a healthy life. So, it is smoothie time - full with vitamin C for a day full with energy.

You have to know about pineapple that raw it is an excellent source of manganese and vitamin C and it helps the digestion and all in all it is a good antiseptic fruit. When I made the chemo therapy to avoid to have blisters in my mouth I eat a lot of pineapple and it really helped! If you are on a diet, pineapple is a perfect food for you, because it is low in calories.

Ingredients for the smoothie: 
one small pineapple sliced, 1 pear, 1 apple, 1 banana and the zest of an orange.

If you have a powerful blender you can mix all the fruits together and if not I recommend you to mix first the pineapple together with the pear, banana and zest of the orange and finally you can add the pealed and chopped apples too.

Have you tried something similar? 
Do you have any recommendations or other smoothie recipes that I could try?

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. looks tasty and am sure it is ;)

  2. yummy.... i cant wait to try!!
    i have been on beet and apple juice for a while now, this is gonna be a fresh change for me!
    thanks for sharing <3

  3. E cu siguranta un deliciu!
    Si eu preparam smoohie cu banane si ananas. Trebuie sa incerc reteta ta. :D

  4. need to try it, definitely! good recipe!





  5. Looks Delicious. I am definitely gonna try it. the Heat is unbearable now a days \:

  6. Phiii, postarea ta are mari sanse de a convinge o reticenta ca mine la astfel de combinatii! STau acum si analizez, ma intreb de ce am aceasta "problema" - nici macar nu stiu raspunsul! :)
    Ideea e ca arata yummi! Parca ii simt aroma...

    Te pup cu drag, Andrea!

  7. one of my favorite smoothie is avocado smoothie! Basically, it's avocado, milk and sugar! super delicious!!!! I feel very guilty drinking it though. It's probably a million Calories per serving hahaha

  8. Delicios! Neaparat trebuie sa incerc! :)

  9. Delicious combination :) Kisses

  10. I'd love to make a smoothie myself, especially since I have a pineapple at home now but unfortunately I don't have a mixer at the moment T___T Looks so delish and healthy as well <3

  11. Great, healthy, delicious recipe :)))


  12. Ma gandesc ca e delicios, trebuie sa incerc si eu sa imi prepar unul :*

  13. I have never made a smoothie with orange and pineapple; I should give them a try one day as this looks so tasty!



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