Friday, October 31, 2014

Autumn and Winter Holidays Challenge - Halloween

Yey, I will start an another challenge and I do hope that you will like this one too. Oana, a dear fellow blogger thought that it would be to dull without a group collaboration. She was right, we need these kind of challenges. I myself come out of my comfort zone and try different kind of designs that is not my style and I would never wear it. This is one of it, I hate skulls and I rejected the idea to put such kind of nail art on my nails, and now look at me...I have skulls on my nails for this Halloween challenge, and I really like it.

I received these stickers from the Born Pretty Store and I found them quite creepy, I never thought that I would wear them. But than, an idea came to my mind to make a skull and rose combination on my nails. I really do hope that you will like the outcome of it.

I used for the base a polish called BYS- Scented Bright Orange, I received from the lovely Kinga. It supposed to be orange scented, but I didn't smell anything, although I absolutely love this fiery orange with the fantastic golden shimmer. On two of my nails I painted with acrylic colors the roses, they came out very subtle and added the skull decals. On the other nails I made a black, orange gradient.

How do you like it?

Even if we don't celebrate Halloween in our country, we sculpted a pumpkin for decoration. This year it really came out great, don't you think?

On the bellow seen picture you can see the other themes for this great challenge. I am very anxious about this one, some of the themes will push me to my limits :)

 If you like the decals you can visit the Born Pretty Store and use my 
10% OFF discount code from bellow!

Let's see the nails of the other girls from the group. Enjoy!
  1. Oana -
  2. Mădălina -
  3. Crina
  4. Claudia
  5. Mada -
  6. Ella -
  7. Gabriela -
  8. Andra -
  9. Mihaela -
  10. Andra (Sophie) -
  11. Anca -
  12. Iulia -
  13. Ana Maria
  14. TEO
  15. Deyutza -
  16. Andrea -
  17. Rita -  
  18. Andreea-
  19. Madalina
  20. Alina -
  21. Deyutza -
  22. Kinga


  1. Heiiiii ce dragut!
    Imi place mult abordarea ta...faptul ca ai pus impreuna cranii cu trandafiri ii manichiurii un aer nu atat de urat/ciudat/hidos.

    Ma bucur foarte mult ca ai reusit sa iesi din zona ta de confort...stiu ca uneori este greu.

    Foarte dragute pozele...iar dovleacul tau este perfect!

    Sa ai o zi "de speriat" :))

  2. your manicure is very pretty and the pumpkins are adorable! :*

  3. Foarte frumoasa,imi place mult culoarea de baza. :-*

  4. Dementiala manichiura. Imi place foarte mult! ♥

  5. I love this Halloween mani, it's so well balanced - and even if it's scary it also is very pretty!

  6. super tare, asta de manichiura de Halloween :)))

  7. such a pretty mani as usual and a perfect one for halloween!! how do you like the maybelline polish finish?

  8. What a fabulous halloween manicure!

  9. Imi place manichiura :)

  10. that's awesome! Those skulls are really scary:)

  11. Nice work!! Happy Halloween!!!
    I had problems to comment in your blog!
    Have a nice day!! my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  12. Oh the skulls look really great in combination with the roses! Great job Andrea :) The pumpkin you carved looks amazing! I've never carved a pumpkin but it looks really fun :)

  13. Hi! Scary manicure... I like it! Your water decals from the BPS are cool :-) Happy Halloween!

  14. E foarte reusita manichiura ta!
    Imi place la nebunie! :)

  15. super mani! imi place foarte mult inelarul..e demential..florile in contrast cu it!

  16. Nici eu nu ma innebunesc dupa cranii, dar in astfel de ocazii sunt potriviti. Si arata foarte bine in combinatia realizata de tine. Am remarcat oja portocalie... cred ca m-am indragostit de ea. :)

  17. Thank you. I like the Maybelline polish very much. This is a black polish that I always repurchase! It has not such a super glossy finish, but I allways use a top coat, so it is OK for me :)

  18. La nebunie îmi place manichiura ta!! Combinația dintre flori și cranii, portocaliul folosit ca bază, totul e perfect! Chiar ai avut o super idee! Nici eu nu sunt adepta craniilor pe unghii sau haine, dar manichiura aceasta chiar aș purta-o!
    Chiar a ieșit super dovleacul, poate anul viitor sculptăm și noi unul... că-mi place cum arată. :))

  19. This manicure is amazing!





  20. Your manicure looks awesome! I love the skull decals! Also your pumpkin looks great! I've never carved a pumpkin before but I love to make it into spicy pumpkin soup, yum! Have a great weekend my friend :) xx

  21. Very nice mani and perfect for the holiday!

  22. Foarte dragute unghiutele tale. Imi plac foarte mult craniile.

  23. Imi place rezultatul.

  24. you created wonderful design and chose fabulous stickers for it- I love it <3

  25. Foarte frumoase unghiute ai pregatit de Halloween <3

  26. How funny that you hate skulls - I absolutely love skulls, and I think your mani is fabulous!

  27. Funny that you hate skulls, lol I love everything with skulls. Which reminds me I could do an outfit with my skull sweater ;) Honey your mani is gorgeous. LOVE it. You spotted it right, it was the Mickey dees cup instead of starbucks. Nah I still am addicted to starbucks, but we didn't came across a starbucks but Mickey dees, tho.
    Happy Halloween

  28. super tare manichiura.imi place combinatia iar craniile vin perfect...

  29. Que show de decoração amei as unhas. Bom final de semana.

  30. OMG those skulls are so scary and creepy :D

  31. Foarte interesante!

  32. Gabrielle Colorful BeautyNovember 1, 2014 at 1:20 PM

    Nice mani! :)

  33. Halloween is not really a tradition in my country either but it's getting more popular year after year. Very fitting mani!

  34. Imi place combinatia aleasa, se potriveste perfect cu tema :)

  35. So good ! My nail polish I used for my halloween nail looks like yours =).

  36. I can't decide whether I like the pumpkin more or your nail art :) I love them both and they are so perfect for Halloween ♥ In Germany there are some people celebrating it, but to me it's just an extra holiday :D

  37. Nagyon tetszenek! Most jut eszembe h voltak nekem is csontvaz lehuzosaim s elfelejtettem oket hasznalni. Orvendek h tetszik a koromlakk :*

  38. Wooah I really love the combination with the roses *___*
    Those stickers are perfect for Halloween, hmm other than that, maybe for a pirate look? xD Still very cool stickers hihi

  39. Scary! :-) I love the pumpkin too! :-)

  40. Imi place foarte tare cum ti-a iesit <3 chiar e ceva deosebit :*

  41. Love this Hsalloween inspired manicure!

    Fabrizia -
    Cosa Mi Metto???

  42. Da, a iesit foarte bine combinatia de cranii si trandafiri ;)



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