Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Guest post

Today I have a very talented nail artist from Costa Rica, that made a guest post for my blog, she is Tatiana, maybe you all know her as thousandshadesofglaze1 from the Instagram. Go check her account because she has fantastic nail designs! 
I asked her a few questions about nail art, and here are her answers.
When and why did you get into nail art?

About  four years ago. It all started when I discovered the Konad nail stamping plates. I purchased two plates and some nail polishes and it became an obsession and a passion.
How big is your polish collection?

Maybe a 1000 polishes?! I stopped counting! :)
Where do you get the ideas for your nail art?

I find a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram artists and  the internet. Lately Japanese nail artists like Sayo Takemoto are a huge inspiration, their nail art is so colorful, feminine and kawaii. 
Do you have a favorite nail polish brand that you use very often?

I love a lot of brands, but Opi is my favorite! Their quality and variety is amazing. 

 Thank you very much Tatiana for this amazing manicure and guest post, your an inspiration for me!

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by!


  1. wow! imi place foarte mult manichiura!
    talentata fata <3

  2. Very pretty. My tree ornaments are gold and off-white so this mani reminds me of them :D

  3. Arata excelent!
    O combinatie perfecta pentru acest sezon. :D
    Ma bucur ca ne-ai prezentat-o pe Tatiana, eu nu o cunosteam .:)

  4. wowww, so beautiful!! <3

  5. Superba manichiura. Imi place enorm! ♡♡♡

  6. Wow, this design looks amazing! Reminds me a lot of the ones I see on japanese artists, but theirs are a lot more colorfu. I do enjoy the gold & white theme here, it's very classy and sophisticated <3

  7. I am blown away. This is Beautiful. I love the Christmas tree :")

  8. woow, she does really pretty nails

  9. I would be interested to see how she stores the thousand polishes! Love her glamourous manicure :)



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