Monday, August 17, 2015

My Soufeel story

Today I have a very special product to show you. You all maybe heard about the SOUFEEL bracelets and charms.

SOUFEEL creates the most beautiful charms, beads, bracelets and other accessories, and offers them to competitive prices. The products are made from 925 sterling silver and colored gems as main raw materials. If you visit their site you can select  from over 500 designs of charms. They offer free shipping on order over $50 with 365 days returns.

The wide variety of charms can suit every occasion and can celebrate life’s unique stories, this is why I find this product very special. Wearing them you can tell a story. I am going to tell for each charm my story, but first I want to show you how careful my little charms and bracelet were packed. They were put separately each one in zip lock bags, than in a wonderful jewelry box with a bow. The box was carefully packed in a bubble envelope and put in a carton box with the company's logo on it. In the box I found a tasteful and elegant gift bag too. All in all this is a perfect package!

Now I am going to show you each charm separately and tell my story to it. Whit what should I start? They are so beautiful and cute!

Travel Car Charm. Who don't like to travel? My all time dream is to travel all around the world with a family travel car and see all the beautiful things that nature and the world gives to us. This little charm represent this to me, and I find it super cute because of it pink color and the surf board added on it.

Nail Color Dangle Charm. You all already know that my biggest passion is painting nails and collecting nail polishes. So it was obligatory to have this cute little nail polish charm. It has the perfect size, it is not to small but not to big either. The charm is full with gorgeous blue beads.

October Birthstone Pink Bucket Charm. I wanted a charm to express my fight with the horrible breast cancer I had. So, I was looking for something pink and my biggest surprise was when I found this beautiful charm that has a light pink shade and it is the October Birthstone, exactly my birthday month.

Flying Butterflies Charm. I love butterflies, they represent for me freedom, vulnerability, grace and elegance. This charm is extremely beautifully designed and it caught my attention instantly. Love the details in this one and the blue beads add a touch of elegance to it. 

Tea Cup Dangle Charm. Some of you may already know that I am a huge tea consumer, I buy monthly several tea types and I drink daily between 5-8 cups. This charm totally represent me. I love that the kettle lid is moving, the details in this charm are super cute.

Of course these charms needed a bracelet too, I choose the basic SOUFEEL silver bracelet  which is made of 925 sterling silver and it has a barrel clasp to insure the security of the bracelet and charms. The barrel clasp is very comfortable!

I am very glad that I have this wonderful bracelet and charms and thank you for SOUFEEL for sending me with such care! I appreciate it!

I hope you all enjoyed reading my short stories and now I am curious, do you own any SOUFEEL bracelet or charms? From the above ones what is your favorite one? 

At Soufeel they provide free shipping and 365-day return service, so that you can enjoy a risk-free shopping experience there! 
 Here is an extra 5% off coupon code: BLOG5, with which you can save extra 5% on any orders.

Thank you for stopping by!

Disclaimer: The products were sent to me for  review and this is strictly my personal opinion about the items!

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