Thursday, January 14, 2016

Multichrome nail polish review

Today I have a new Born Pretty Store review, and this time for a multichrome nail polish called ATORS. When I saw it on the site, I really was intrigued, how it looks on the nails. 

The polish comes in an elegant cardboard package in which the polish is inserted in a velvet covered plastic support. This way the polish is very well protected, which is good when it comes to shipping!

This is a  water based nail polish and it is free from any harmful substances, as  toluene, formaldehyde, acetone type solvent, DBP and others. The brush is the usual one and it is very easy to work with. The nail polish is a little bit sheer, so it needed 4 coats to get opaque.

The color shifts is from blue to purple and dark green, depending on the angle you are looking from. It contains holographic micro glitter particles which adds depth and a beautiful finish to it. 

And than I made a stupid thing, I thought to make a galaxy nail art on it and I totally spoiled the stunning effect by adding a cherry colored nail polish and some white acrylic paint. I know, it looks horrible :((

As I mentioned before this polish is water based, so it peels off very quickly if you put your hands very often in the water. It lasted just one day on my nails. 

All in all I like the color transition and the finish of this nail polish and if you like it, you can find it here and using the below seen code, you can get 10% off of your purchase. Just visit the Born Pretty Store!

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