Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My New Year's Eve nails

Hello lovely ladies and Happy New Year

As you may noticed I was totally absent from the blog these days, because I enjoyed the time off with my little daughter and my family and friends. For me this period of time was quite short, I wish it would lasted a little bit longer.

Well, but now back to blogging, work and everything in between. Today I am going to show you the nails I wore at the New Year's Eve Party. It is not the most beautiful one I have ever made, but considering that I made it in about 20 minutes, I think it is OK.

I wore an animal print dress and this is why I choose to make a french manicure, of course not the usual classic one, spiced a little bit with an animal print. How do you like it?

Under the nails the close pattern of the dress
Before I went to the party I took a little bit time for me to relax and this is why I used one of the peel-off face masks I received from the company 7th Heaven. This mask is made of Manuka honey sourced from New Zealand. This honey is one of the best ones available in the world which is very versatile - it cleanses, moisturizes and also has an antibacterial action. I gently cleaned my skin without stripping off all the essential natural oils from the face, and had a fresh look at the party, thanks for this amazing face mask. 

Together with my friends at the party
With one of my best friends. This is the one and only picture where my dress is more visible.
How was your New Year's Eve? Were you home or at a party? Did you made some wishes for 2016? 

I missed all of you a lot and I am glad to be back and I want to wish you all a wonderful and happy new year with all that you want!

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