Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hollow Square Studs

Do you like to use studs? I do, because they can make any plain nail polish color look more interesting. These days I didn't had much time to do a complicated nail art on my nails and this is why I thought to use the hollow square studs I received for review from the Lady Queen Shop.

I've got 20 studs in a small zip lock bag. The product description on the site didn't mentioned the size of these studs, but in the title appeared the word mini, so I thought that they will fit any nail size. Unfortunately they are quite big ones and I didn't managed to bend them to fit my curvy nails. 

For the manicure I used: Australis - Liquid Gold which has a metallic finish and I thought it will go nicely together with Farmec - Muddy Boots. On the last one I added  the square studs together with some round studs I had in may stash. As you can see in the pictures they don't lay flat on my nails, this is why they didn't resisted much on. 

If you like these studs or any other shaped ones, you can find them here and if you purchase anything form the Lady Queen Shop, you're welcome to use my bellow seen discount code. 

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