Monday, April 3, 2017

Enjoyours stamping plate

I continue with an another review today, but this time for a stamping plate that I received for review from the site EnjoyOurs. If this site is new for you just check it out because you will be surprised how many interesting nail art stuff you can find there and several other products too.

The HK-06 stamping plate is a little bit bigger that the usual rectangular ones I showed you until now, by size is quite similar with the plates by Moyra, but the size of the patterns are much smaller, not proper for very long nails. The plate does not have any back coverage and does not come in a cardboard envelope but it has the regular blue foil on it. 

As you can see in the picture the patterns on this plate are quite versatile. I made two manicures and in both of them had the same problem, the images did not transferred sharp enough on my nails. I made several tries with different kind of stamping heads and stamping polishes, but the same happened each time. You will notice in both manicures that the patterns are very pixeled, if I may say so, or better not neat enough. 

I am curious if one of you tried these plates or know about the site EnjoyOurs
If yes please tell me your experience with it! The one you saw in my post can be found HERE and several other patterned ones too. If you buy anything from the site, feel free to use my below seen discount code! 

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