Sunday, September 3, 2017

Chrome mermaid pigment

Lately I am fascinated with pigments that can be used on UV gel nail polishes. Their effect is so different and eye catching on several colored nail polishes. The Born Pretty Store site was kind enough to make me a surprise and added in my last package that was sent to me, a chrome mermaid pigment

The product comes in a small box, very good sealed. I received about 0.2 g, but you can choose more amount if you like. In my manicure the pigment is used on a white soak-off nail polish and I used a silicone head nail art tool to rub it in on the sticky surface. You should insist with the application on the free sides of the nails and on the tips too, to have a long lasting manicure. This pigment is extremely fine and can be used for mermaid, unicorn nail art which is so trendy now days, because it has that specific color shift from pink to green/blue when it is applied on white. 

I tried it on black too and achieved a chopper green/pink color shift. I find it lovely and so pretty on both cases! 

I am not such a big fan of unicorn designs so I made a simple, casual looking nail art using this pigment on two of my nails and I combined it with a light green soak-off gel polish from my stash. I added on my ring fingernail a stamped pattern with white to complete my manicure.

I think the pigment is one of the most beautiful ones I own and clearly I will need more after using the amount I received. If you like the effect of the pigment you can find it HERE and you're welcome to use my bellow seen discount code if you buy anything from the Born Pretty Store site. 

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