Saturday, March 24, 2018

Maybelline Master Highleters

I am sure some of you have already seen on my Instastory what a beautiful package I received from Maybelline Romania with two highlighters. One is  the Master Chrome Highlighter and the other one is the Master Holographic Highlighter. 

Master Chrome Highlighter - is a compact powder with a warm metallic effect which can be applied with a brush or simply with the fingertips, thanks to it's light texture. It blends smoothly into the skin and it is perfect for any kind of skin tone in my opinion, but I have to admit it looks the best on medium darker skin. After application the face looks subtle and natural in artificial light and in the sunlight two. The metallic shimmer gives a fresh looking glow to the skin. The powder is quite pigmented so it requires just a touch of it, so this quantity will last for a long, long time for me. I use this highlighter almost daily and I simply love it's peach/rose gold tone and I must admit it will be hard to find one that will top this ones quality!

Master Holographic Highlighter - Well, when I saw the word holographic I couldn't believe my eyes. I am a big fan of holo nail polishes but I didn't knew how could look a holographic highlighter on the skin. I have to admit I was skeptic about it. The texture of the powder is almost the same with the chrome one, creamy. Applied to the skin it is a little bit chunkier because of the white base of it and even if it is well blended in it lives more a sparkly, iridescent effect versus a holographic one. Though I like the pink, blue and also purple sparkles on my skin I think this highlighter would look better as an eye shadow. You all now I have a medium darker skin and I think this product would look better on a lighter skin tone. 

Now I am curious which one do you like better or, if you used them which one worked for you?

Thank you Maybelline Romania for this great package! I appreciate it 
and I am glad that I could test both of them!

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