Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Born Pretty Store product review

Today I will show you two nail products from the Born Pretty Store that I received from quite a while and I totally forgot about to tell you. 

The first one is a 3D Nail Art Patch, that you can find here.

This was my first nail wrap that I ever used, it attracted me because of the colorful design full with small rhinestones. 

I applied it in these steps:
1. One of the most important things before you apply any nail wrap is to clean the surface of your nails properly to be grease-free!
2. After that you can apply the foils and smooth it by pushing it with your thumb.
3. Use a nail file to cut off the excessive foil.

Many of the instructions ask's you to apply a top coat for a longer lasting result, well I didn't do it because I already felt that the surface of the nail is thick enough and I didn't wanted to make it look more rough. Because of this, these patches resisted just one day long on my nails.

Overall, I think these kind of patches are best for those who don't have the time to make complicated nail designs and want a super glamorous look at an event or party.

The second product is a gorgeous nail polish - Aqua Blue Shiny Shimmer Nail Polish Glitter

This polish has a great formula it can be applied very smooth and it dries fast. I love the glittery, almost textured finish of it. The silver shimmer makes this polish special, it shines amazing on the sun, so it is a perfect polish for spring and summer!

The polish does not contain toluene, formaldehyde, acetone type solvent, DBP and other carcinogenic substances, so it has a big plus from me!

If you are interested to purchase these products or other nail art stuff just look up for the Born Pretty Store because you will find a lot of interesting products that can satisfy your needs!

Use the code below and you will get 10% discount!


  1. Ce frumoase sunt nail art patch-urile! Arata atat de finut si elegant!
    Si oja arata foarte bine. :)

  2. Ce faine sunt parch-urileeeee!!!!

  3. Thse wraps are really festive :)
    I tried one of those BK sand polishes - it dried sooo slow, but maybe they changed the formula!

  4. cesimpatice pietricelele! imi plac!!

  5. I don't use nail wraps or nail stickers very often, these look nice on your nails! About the nail polish: I just got BK dark violet, I tried it these days and I think it's beautiful, also I like this kind of texture they have! :-)

  6. Oja imi place foarte mult. Nu ma dau in vant dupa stickere, dar acestea arata tare bine.

  7. These stickers are awesome, I'm under the impression :)

  8. wow i love this wraps! looks really cool ;)

  9. Hi Andrea!
    This 3D wraps is really a great idea when you don't have much time to do your nails. Loved it!
    Kisses and hugs my dear!



  10. I once tried patches and I messed them up so badly that I didn't dare using them again. But you seem to be very patient and detailed; yours look perfect!

  11. Ambele arata foarte bine insa mie imi place mult si forma si lungimea unghiilor tale. Nu sunt nici scurte, nici foarte lungi.
    Sunt tare dragute :)

  12. Those nail stripes look awesome - so edgy and blingy! :DD
    And the polish is not too bad either: great products you got !



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