Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pastel shades

I am not tired of dark colors but for now and than I like to were pastel shades.

Polishes I used for my nail art: Barry M. - Mint Green, Barry M -Textured collection - Ridley Road and a yellow pastel shade called Technic - Pretty Pastels

Not much to say, I made two accent nails with the help of a nail vinyl that I have received as a gift from my dear friend Oana. For the base of the accent nails I used the lovely pure white from essence and after drying I added the nail vinyls and with the help of a sponge I made the green and the yellow pastel gradient on it. 

It is the first time I use such kind of nail vinyls and I definitely need more exercise on adding them straight on my nails, but I think these are great products that can help to achieve interesting looking nail art. 

Have you used nail vinyls?  What is your experience with them?

1 comment:

  1. Its very fresh and subtle. You did great job with these vinyls. My first experience wasn't this impressive. In fact it was horrible mess. Love the use of gradient and texture polish



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