Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Plaid nails

OK, I know that this is not the period of time to do plaid nails...but come on why not, we had some strange weather these days and I didn't felt the spring/summer vibe at all.

For my today's nail art I used a green plaid patterned water decal I received from the Lady Queen site. As you can see in the pictures the decal sheet is not so big, but enough for accent nails. I thought that green goes well with gold, so I combined it with a P2 Lost in glitter - get gorgeous!

For the decals I used a white nail polish to have a nice and soft base than I followed the usual steps, I cut out the pieces to fit my nails and than soak them for about 20 seconds. I placed them to my nails and removed the excess water and finished it with a clear top coat.

I made a half-moon design too

All in all the decals are fantastic and easy to use, I enjoyed to were them! If you like these decals you can find them here in several colors and now they are on sale, so just go and grab them. If you purchase anything from the Lady Queen site you can use my bellow seen discount code!

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