Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tribal stamping plate review

As I mentioned on my last post I am testing Née Jolie stamping plates, that I have received from the Born Pretty Store. Today, I have one with tribal designs. I usually get inspired when I see such patterns but this time, I had a big blank, nothing came to my mind. I made two designs, one a simple one using just two nail polishes and the second one a much colorful one. I like the second one how it came out, but I admit I could have done better manicures with this plate!

Polishes I used: Barry M - Bright Red and S-he #345

Polishes I used: Max Factor - Deep coral, Moment - Celebracion and Miss Cop, Candy nails - Mitral citron
I have some more photos to show you from my trip and these are the last ones, at least for this year :). Romania has amazing mountains and places and I had the opportunity to see some gorgeous views through our journey.

We stooped in a small town called Fagaras and visited the Fagaras Fortress which was built in 1310. I was impressed by how huge this fortress is. It is beautifully preserved and it has a fantastic Museum in it displaying Roman artifacts, a collection of medieval weapons and traditional folk crafts.

Our next stop was in the beautiful city of Sibiu. Even if it was extremely cold we took a walk and saw the top attractions of the city.  

I hope that I did not bored with my trip photos, but I was so impressed by this small trip that I had to share with you my journey. As about the plate it works very good, the patterns are well carved in and my silicone stamper picked up the images with no problem. I think this plate offers versatile images that can be combined  easily to great tribal designs.

If you like this plate you can find it HERE and you're welcome to use my bellow seen discount code when you buy anything from the Born Pretty Store site.  

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