Monday, August 7, 2017

BeautyBigBang cuticle tool

Hello lovely ladies

After one week time off from everything it means job or blogging I am back with a review post for a very useful and practical nail tool. I am taking about a Double-end Quartz Cuticle Remover that I have received for review from the site that is new to me called, BeautyBigBang

The tool is about 11 cm long made of plastic and has two ends, one made of quartz that accurately pushes and cleans the dead cuticle skin and the other end made of plastic that helps to remove and push the cuticles. After use you can easily clean both ends with water or alcohol. For a more hydrated feeling I used a peeling and obtained some clean and neat looking nails. This tool is a very good alternative for cuticle drills which can harm your nail surface if you push it to hard. This small tool can't do any harm for your nails, on the contrary it makes your nails look perfect in no-time

I like very much this handy object and I can tell you that after one week I used it my cuticles still look great, so I highly recommend it to you. You can find this nail art product HERE. If you buy anything from the BeautyBigBang site yore welcome to use my bellow seen discount code (AMS10) that I received. Shipping is free so check out the site and I wish you happy shopping time :))

I am super curious if you ever tried such kind of cuticle tool and if yes what is your opinion about it?

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