Sunday, July 30, 2017

Inspired by a bracelet

Today's manicure was inspired by a bracelet that I feel in love with instantly, it's a bright colored stone effect one. My surprise was when I couldn't find in my stash any nail polish that would match perfectly this piece. Maybe time has come to buy some new nail polishes 😋 The closest shade that matched the bracelet was Maybelline - Hooked on pink (212) and I combined it with the beautiful  Zoya - Pixie Dust - Dhalia. I made the stone effect with the help of a water based marker and a little bit of cleaner. 

The stone effect is not as beautiful and accurate that on the bracelet but I like very much the polish combination. I am curious about your opinion about this nail art. 

One week long I will be on a trip but after that I will come back with some reviews because as you have may noticed on my Instagram page @funandi I received some new nail art goodies. If you would like to see where I am travelling, you're welcome to follow my other IG account: @manasesandrea_photo

Have a great Sunday and thanks for stopping buy! 

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