Thursday, December 7, 2017

Beauty product empties

To give my nails some time to breath I thought to make from now on posts with beauty product empties I used in the past weeks or month. I wanted to do this from a long time ago but I always end up to throw away all the empty packages. Now I put some of them away and managed to make a picture and I will write my short opinion about all of them. I hope you going to enjoy these type of posts.

Gerovital - Instant Cleansing Milk. Gerovital is one brand by the largest cosmetics manufacturer from Romania, Farmec. I like very much their products because they high quality ones and their price is very affordable. This cleansing milk's consistency is super light and flowy, I like better the thicker ones, but it removes even waterproof make-up and lives the skin clean and nourished. It contains Vitamin A, E and minerals that simulate the skin so, it does his job quite good. 

AVON - Little Black Dress. Who does not know this oriental fragrance? I think this is one of the perfumes that I always buy when I want to remember the period when I was in the university. For me it is an oldie but goldie :) I love the jasmine, plum and woody notes of it. This time I used a small bottle and I am sure I will re-buy it soon. 

Kiehl's Lip Balm Mango. I was super happy when I was invited to the shop opening of Kiehl's store in Cluj and than I received a goodie bag with lot's of cosmetics. The lip balm was one of them. I usually tend to get bored of lip balms and I always buy new ones before I empty one, but this time I managed to almost finish all of it, mainly because of it's mango sent and the gloss that this balm gave to my lips. The product feels greasy but not sticky. Unfortunately it doesn't absorbs well in the lips, but after reapplying it regularly my lips feel OK but not well enough hydrated. I don't know if I like or not the packaging, the tube, but after all I got use to it. I don't find this one the best that is out-there, but it was nice to try it.   

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. I used this face cream daily just by itself or under the make-up. What I noticed that my face looked fresher and more hydrated day by day. I think this product is great for dry skin because it is a bit greasy but it absorbed quickly to the skin. The texture of it is watery but quite rich and this is why I didn't applied big amounts to my face. One problem which I did not liked the Parabens in the ingredients. I hope with the time they will be eliminated from this product, because this one works quite good.

Garnier Ultra Doux Mythic Olive Shampoo. I bought this one because my hair is quite dry and dull but this shampoo made it so greasy that I think I will never buy it again. 

AVON Clearskin Mask. When summer ended I had some problems with my skin in the neck aria, some pimples appeared and black heads too. Somebody told me that this charcoal mask works wonders, so I had to try it. It contains Salicylic acid to treat acne, silica and bentonite clay to absorb oils and antioxidants from green tea. No go is that it contains alcohol and perfume too. I used it once or twice per a week and yes it worked, the redness and acne like pimples dried and started to disappear and the blackheads were pulled from the pores (not all of them of course). The only thing is that it dried my skin and had to use a mask for hydration afterwards. But thumbs up for this product, it's cheep and good.

Balea Creme Peeling. I think this is a product that I buy it every time when I finish it. This is the first cream scrub that worked for me. Though I don't think that it is good for sensitive skin because it contains bigger amount and sized scrubbing beads which can hurt when you massage it to your skin. I felt a big difference after using it just once, I massage it gently to my skin for about 1-2 minutes and I observed a skin which is clean of impurities. It does not irritate the surface of my skin and after I use a good moisturizing cream I have a fresh looking face :) Nevertheless, I don't use it more than two times a week due to the strong scrubbing effect!

Now tell me, did you used any of these products? Which one did you liked the most and why? 

Thanks for stopping by and tell me please if you like these kind of posts. 

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