Monday, November 2, 2015

Lady Queen nail stickers

Today is review day for a wonderful nail art product that I received from Lady Queen. I am talking about an elegant silver nail sticker appropriate for classy and fancy looking nail art!

On the site you will find about 6 different patterns of nail stickers in gold and silver. I choose the one with the code TB001 in silver and added on a wonderful violet polish from essie - Big spender. Yes, this is my first essie polish and I absolutely love it. It gets darker with each coat and has an amazing shine. 

I added the feather stickers on the dried polish with the help of a twizzer because they are very thin and can trim very easily. The size of the stickers vary from small to big and stick quickly on the surface of the nails. I didn't added top coat on them, because I was curious how they will resist without it. I was surprised that after two days the stickers were intact and looked great on my nails (unfortunately I forgot to take a picture).

The product is perfect for anyone who loves a quick and elegant manicure. You can find the stickers here and if you purchase anything from the Lady Queen site you're welcome to use my bellow seen discount code! 

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