Friday, November 20, 2015

Lady Queen retro water decal

I recently got some retro patterned water decals from the Lady Queen shop. I am so glad that I received these, I am totally in love with my today's manicure, thanks to these decals!

As you can see on the below picture the sheet contains 7 different patterns in different sizes. That means that one pattern won't be enough to add to all ten nails, but it is perfect for accent nails, exactly like I used it. They are super easy to apply, they must be cut and put in the water for about 10 seconds and after it placed on the polished and dried nails.

I used two gorgeous polishes for this nails art, to create a minimalist look. One of the polishes is a purple duochrome which shifts to bronze, gold and green from Primark and the base for the decal is a nude with silver shimmer NICKA K nail polish. The decals are cut in half diagonally to create a triangle effect.

I tried to make several pictures to capture the color shift of the beautiful polish and to show you how wonderful the decals look on the nails. I am so pleased with the result. How do you like it? Have you tried these decals?

If you like them you can find them on the Lady Queen shop here and you are welcome to use my bellow seen discount code if you purchase anything from the site. If you like jewelry's you can find several ones and this time the Knuckle Rings are low to $0.59, don't miss the opportunity. Here is the link to the rings. 

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