Thursday, November 12, 2015

Peacock feather necklace

From about 2 weeks ago I received a very pretty peacock feather necklace form Lady Queen shop. Unfortunately because of transportation the feathers were a little bit squeezed and deformed and I had to use a few tricks to recover it. 

The feather in natural and it is attached to a peacock shaped pendant made from alloy and decorated with colorful rhinestones. The pictures from the sites are a little bit different colored that  it is in reality but the shape of the necklace is the same. The length is about 10 cm.

Inspired by the necklace I made a manicure with the help of some peacock feather printed water decals. As you can see in the pictures on my ring finger I applied the decals in stripes. This is a good idea when you have left overs. I saw this idea at Marie's blog and tried it myself.

I like very much the feather necklace, the quality of it is OK and using it catches the eye through color and shape. If you like it, you can find it here and at the Lady Queen shop you can find many beautiful jewelry's for small prices. I saw some nice knuckle rings that are for quite special prices now, low to $0.59. Just click here and see it for yourself.

If you buy something from the Lady Queen site just use my discount code seen bellow!

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  1. Lantisorul e dulce tare , dar unghiile , unghiile sunt absolut superbe !



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